Sunday, December 18, 2016

a happy heart

Can I be honest about something? Some times I struggle big time with anxiety and the overwhelming feeling of stress. Most of the time I worry about something that may or may not happen in the future or that is potentially going to happen. It seems silly, I know, but it's most of the time it feels so real and it irritates me so that I allow it to bother me. This past week I was totally consumed with stress and anxiety about who knows what.

The snow.
The ice.
 Is there enough gluten free bread?

Will the girls have enough presents for Christmas?
Will I ever get to go home?
Am I raising my girls to be ungrateful for what they have?

All of this at once. In my head doing circles and causing nothing but internal chaos. It's tiresome and it wears me out. After dealing with it all, I stopped and turned my eyes to God. I gave it all to Him and decided to let Him take control.
If I trust in Him that I'm doing everything I can to be true than I have nothing to worry about. By putting Him first before all worry, doubt, stress, and anxiety I know that I will be able to start this new week with a happier and less weighted heart. 
Oh...and a new hair cut. That'll surely help with the stress. 

Have a good week!!!

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  1. You have the perfect answer. Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. Only by His grace, though, are we enabled to do that. Cute haircut:) Enjoy the snow, and think about SC where we just have to look at pictures of it.


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