Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Lately and More

Summertime is in full form around here. The last day of school was last Friday, so we're well into a weeks worth of endless amount of "whatever." And while it might not officially be summer, we are taking advantage of the warm weather during this awfully short window (at least to this southern gal).  And just so it's clear, we did buy another pool for the kids.

The girls have been busy playing in the sprinklers and enjoying splashing around with Moose in the little pool. He loves playing in the water just as much as they do, and if they're not careful he might just push them out of the pool. Legos have been brought out of hibernation and I have been enjoying a daily dose of high pitched voices and conversations. It's been lovely.

 We went on our first camping trip Memorial Day weekend. We found a little spot tucked back in the trees and set up shop. This was the first time the girls camped without the park type amenities and they did great! It was so nice to get away from the daily grind. To just sit and listen to nothing loud and obnoxious. To be able to watch nature in action and enjoy seeing my girls light up over it like I used to. To come back to grips with what is real and pure. It was amazing and beautiful. The perfect recharge.

The girls have slowly been sleeping in later each morning. I've been able to enjoy coffee out on the back patio with Moose's company. I have also been able to reconnect with the slow of things and take joy in slipping back in to my bible readings. I'm appreciating the grounded feeling that I have long since missed. 

We have so much we want to do this summer. There are more camp trips on the horizons, fishing adventures and as always, soaking up the joy of being with those we love. How is your summer so far?

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