Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Life Like a Whirlwind

I looked at my girls this week and somehow they've aged like 5-6 years. Talk about a whirlwind. They act so big nowadays it really breaks my heart to see another day come and go.  I could very easily dwell over how fast they're growing up but man I'm having so much fun with them to be so sad and mopy.  

They're personalities are so different. They're interests are slowly evolving into different areas. However, with the big girls pink and purple seem to be indefinite at this time. Ellie has sprouted and shot up like a bean sprout. She's fallen in love with her homeschool lessons and spending time with her each day is by far the best. 

When Ellie was born, I prayed that one day they would get along and become sister-friends. Oh how I prayed. And that's exactly what I've notice lately. They play and work together to do things. They love  and help each other, fight with each other and tease.  But that's what family does right? 

Our days are fast. I'm trying my best to completely absorb myself with these girls. I spend more time with them reading books and coloring at the kitchen table. Everything else can wait til I have time for it. My girls are moving too fast for me not to slow down. 

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