Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The 10 Toughest things about being a Military Wife

I'm headed for the carnival again...the Wives of Faith carnival that is.
Today we are sharing the ten things that are tough about being a military wife.

I'm keeping this post simple tody. My top ten and then I'm out of here...

1. Deployments
2. Being away from family ALL the time
3. Being alone during holidays,
4. Birthdays,
5. baby milestones
6. Missing out on watching my parents age
7. Missing my brother
8. Silly, but true, never having anyone to shop with.
9. Having to leave friends for a PCS
10. Dealing with the AFI's of the Air Force YUCK!

Stay tuned for tomorrow...I'll be sharing the funniest and most embarrassing moment while being a military wife.

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