Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WFMW: Farmers' Co-op...Any Ideas?

This past weekend, my family and I ventured out into the unknown...well...downtown Summerville that is. It's unknown to me *SMILE* We went out to visit the weekly Farmer's Market that's held in downtown square. I have always found farmer's market to be so neat and's just something about walking up to the farmer him/herself and letting them tell you about the vegetables that they pretty much grew in your own backyard. Maybe it's the fact that you know where they're coming from. Hmm?

Well, when we left...I had a basket full of fresh veggies and one little sweet basil plant
(my favorite herb by the way).

Veggies for supper anyone?!?!?

There was one farmers tent that caught my was the Gruber CSA Farm. The spacial thing about this particular farmer was that they were a farmer's co-op. This is a community supported agriculture program that provides fresh, locally grown, and in season vegetables to families in a certain area of South Carolina and Georgia. Definitely check it out if you're in that area.
Why am I mentioning it?

We decided to buy a share from them and we received our first box yesterday...
Look at all the goodies we got!!!

This is (from the left) small head of bib lettuce, two bunches of turnip roots, one quart of strawberries, 2 small heads of brocolini, 8 zucchini, 3 sweet onions (they're underneath), two bundles of turnip greens, one bag of mustard greens, 6 yellow squash (already started those for supper) and a quart size bag of shucked snap peas (put them in the freezer already).

Here's how it works...$200 for 12 weeks. Pretty cool huh? That's for two people. We get all this for $16.66 a week. The selection of vegetables will change as the weeks go by of course; due to what's in season and ready to be picked.

Mike and I had some of these veggies for supper yesterday and could not believe how yummy they were. Mike wondered if it was in his head or not. I said NOT because I hardly used any seasoning on them at all. You know usually, veggies can be kind of..well..blah tasting.
These were sweet and so fresh. I loved it!!! This is the kind of food I want to be eating all the time. I see us having no problems hitting our daily vegetable quota with fresh veggies around the house.'s my dilemma.
You remember the two bunches of turnip roots?
Well...I haven't any idea what to do with them. I've fixed rutabagas before, but turnip
So...I need help.
Do you have any recipes or ideas for fixin' these suckers?

If so, please let me know WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!!. I'd like to use them as a side dish if possible. If you have any other recipes for fixin' fresh veggies like these, please share them as well. I'm always up for new things.

Hope yall have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!!

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  1. You can eat turnips raw. Soak them in water as slices to withdraw most of the bitterness and eat them that way. Not my personal favorite, but my parents love them

  2. oooh lovely!! we get a farmbox too! we are not co-op members but an organic restaurant here delivers veggie every week! as for turnips, we roast them with other root veggies. I toss them with balsamic vinegar, honey, herbs, s&p, olive oil, put them in tin foil on 350 for about an hour, or until tender!


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