Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Planning Monday-May 3rd

We're starting to get back into the swing of things here at the Barrett house. The past two weeks have been filled with chaos and boxes; that's boxes of "to-go" food to be exact. Yeah, you can only imagine how gross it feels to eat take out for 3 days in row---BUT---when your pots and pans are packed away in some mysterious realm and you're working so hard, the small thought of going to the grocery store to pick something up to grill is a completely hysterical crazy idea. So...we've explored some of our local eateries. Italian, Chinese, BBQ. It was yummy...but not anymore.

Yesterday Moma (that's me by the way, and I'll make sure to share with you why it's spelled that way this week) made her way to the grocery store. Let me tell you, I pretty much stocked us for life. No, not really. Mike asked if I robbed the butcher shop...LoL...of course I did. Well, not really again. Close, but not that close.
 A good shopper can't pass up amazing deals on meats knowing that she has an empty deep freezer at home and an empty fridge and bellies to fill.

I did my research...looked at the sales adds for 3 different stores, looked through my coupons and hit the road at 10:30 a.m. Didn't get back until 12:30.

So now, I can get more organized...  OH!! Did I mention my pots made it out of that mysterious realm I told you about earlier? They did. And then went straight to the yardsale pile because Mike bought me a new set of stainless steel pots. It was totally necessary. (Will tell more later)
....and back on track with my menu planning. My crock pot will make her way back into my routine and cooking will become a part of my life again. YIPPEE!!!!

This is what we've got planned for our menu this week:

Monday - Saucy Pepper Steak (recipe coming soon) and fresh salads
Tuesday - Spiral Ham and fresh squash
Wednesday - Lemon Pepper Chicken and fresh corn
Thursday - Jambalaya and fresh salads
Friday - Crock pot Spare Ribs and green beans
Saturday - Jacks Ranch Chicken and Italian Pasta Salad (recipe coming soon)

Lunches - Mike is back to work so he'll be eating sandwiches and such, I'll be eating leftovers, and the girls....well...they'll be eating the usual, milk and bananas. *smile*

I hope yall have a wonderful Monday. Be safe and be good. God is with you!!!!

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  1. Great job girl! I know it's a great feeling to get back into cooking/not eating out!!

  2. I haven't gotten to writing a real menu in such a long time... would you like to pass along some of your motivation to do such things?


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