Sunday, July 18, 2010

6 Months: Getting to Know You

We met in a very fast paced situation. You arrived a little early and were swiftly carried away. Our introduction was short and sweet.

Over the last 6 months...I've spent every minute of everyday getting to know you and what makes your little hearts tick.

You completely melt my heart!!!

My Savannah are:
..more petite than your sister. Not by much, but just enough. Your face is one that people say "looks just like your Moma's." You have more hair than your sister...always have. You are the sillier of the two. You picked up on blowing bubbles really it's your favorite thing to do. Thus the reason you're always wearing a bib or have a sopping wet shirt. You are more independent than your sister and definitely  more active. Rolling all over the floor and sticking that bum of yours high in the air.

My Hope are:
...more reserve. You're just now learning how to use your voice. Maybe that's why you enjoy talking to yourself in the middle of the night. You are my cuddler...always hugging up on your Daddy and giving cheek kisses to your Moma. You've always been a little bit more rounder than Sissy, but she'll catch up...I promise. You are full of smiles and love to grab your feet. You're just now starting to want to roll over..pretty soon you'll be rolling like Sissy. You're not as independent as're definitely my needy girl. That's not a bad thing though.

You are now eating solid foods. I admit that it makes me sad to think that the bonding that we have from nursing is soon to end. You are my happy babies..everyone tells me this. You make me so proud when we're out and about in town. You're so friendly and cheerful to strangers that say hello. You are now holding on to everything from teething chewies to cookies to my hair.

You are finally starting to communicate with each other...laughing at the're so precious!!! You're attitudes are starting to evolve...hissy fits are in the near future..I see it now.

You're Daddy and I love you so very much!!!

Happy 6 Months!


  1. Good Morning Kristen Sweetie...
    Your babies are just gorgeous. My how fast they grow. I am so tickled you shared some precious moments with me today.

    I love the high chairs pics, so adorable. I have always loved it when my kids and now my grands smile with their little mouths so full. What fun that is.

    The two of them side by side in the bouncers, PRICELESS. That is just priceless.

    Thank you for sharing sweetie. You have such a beautiful family.

    Have a gorgeous Sunday. Country hugs, Sherry


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