Friday, July 16, 2010

Mudroom #1

Hey Yall!! I've been looking around the house and thinking about areas that I would like to work know...improve.

Moving to our new house has provided me with my own space to piddle-paddle around in...for crafts, sewing, you name it. However, since I've created that space...I've realized how little I use it. I spend majority of my "craft" time out in the living room. Mainly because that's where my girls are.

So...I've been thinking a lot about how else I could use this space. I plan on keeping the storage there for craft stuff, but utilizing the space in another way as well. So here's what I was thinking...

This room will take you to three different places...
#1 My Kitchen
#2 The Garage Man cave
#3 The Backyard

So I thought, why not make this area our "Command Center?" The place where the girls will keep their shoes and bags. Homeschooling central? A home for my purse and diaper bag. Light coats or jackets, umbrellas. A place to tell the girls to sit down together so I can tie their shoes (a Moma can dream ok) get the idea.

Please forgive the huge mess of boxes and out of place milk jug. We're saving those for recycling and they haven't quite made their way into the Mud King's Man Cave. Not that my craft room is technically organized. Yes... Those are all of my ribbon spools just dumped on the table...I'll share that story with you another day.
Update: It no longer looks this way...the clutter is GONE!!!

Back to the point of this post.:
I heart set-ups like these:
You can find this mudroom center at the Pottery Barn for only uh hem hem ...$1,379.00

Yepper!  That's it. Cheap huh?
I know....I'm crazy right!?! I would never dream of paying that much.

So...I'll take inspiration and work out something like these:
I found this picture at MarthaStewart

It makes perfect sense to have an area like this...I think.

It looks super cute and organized too. If I had a space like this, it would even have the adorable rubber boots for the girls to match..thanks to their Mud King Daddy.

Or how bout an area like this:
COMMAND POST...Can You Read Me?

I would SO make the Air Force happy if I had a space like that!
But...I know that my space isn't as big as that...

I'm almost jealous of  Just a Girl's's so...

Mike told me that it's my room and I can do with it what I want....but I'm sure he didn't mean have someone come and install a setup like this.


I've been skimming the Internet for benches. Now, I've got myself on a budget for this project. So far, I'm giving myself $300 to get this all pizazzed and cutealicious...Oh! Did I forget sensible and full of purpose? Well, that too!'s what I've found so far.

Bench #1

Found here for $199
I love the look of it. It's just so vintage-gy lookin'
...even though our house has a beach/coastal theme going on.

Bench #2

Found here for $97.99
This of course would go with the coastal theme, not to mention I love the baskets.

Bench #3

Here for $189.99
I like the rustic's not a bench.

So...I'm in thought. Trying to figure out exactly what I want. Keeping in mind my budget and trying to spark some creativity.

I would L.O.V.E. to have this done within the next two months...but we'll see.
I have to stay focused on my budget and remember to stay fa-rugal!!!!

Do you have a mudroom or an entryway set-up that you'd like to share?
Maybe you have an idea that I could borrow or revamp for my room.

If you will..Let me have 'em!!!
I'm up for any ideas.

Also...if you like any of the ideas I've posted above, let me know which number it is.
 I'm keeping tallies.

Once I decide on the bench I can move onto the wall. So stay tuned for Mudroom Part 2.


  1. I can't wait to hear about what you do with it! I think it's a great idea! I don't currently live in our own house, but someday soon, when we finally do, I would LOVE a mudroom - they are great! And all those ideas for storage/space are adorable and super organized - which I love!

  2. I would love a mudroom. We're still in the process of home renovations- we bought a foreclosure before we got married. We just have to take it slow and not go into debt. Anyway, love the idea! I like bench #2 best. Can't wait to see what you do!


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