Thursday, July 29, 2010

An All Around Unusual Day

Wednesday was one of those days that qualifies to fit in the "unusual" category. Not because something weird or crazy is because the day was pretty calm and that my firends is very unsual for this house.

The girls had their 6 month doctors appointment scheduled at 2 pm, so I had already prepared myself that after the appointment, the day was going to turn extra chaotic. You know how babies are after they get their shots.


Simply said.

Well, I've been in the house for the past couple of days. It seems like every time I've attempted to get ready to go somewhere, the sky falls. I just took it as a sign that God didn't want me to be on the road. I can accept that. However, this Moma has started going stir crazy.
To help get my sanity back, I decided to attempt going to Goodwill and our Community Thrift store before the appointment. YAY!!!
and I so did it!!!!
I lucked up and found some really good deals which is very unsual for me. My goal was to find some skirts for church and some bigger sleepers for the girls. Unfortunately, they had zero sleepers, but skirts a-plenty!!! I'll share those with you later.

Do ya wanna know what else I found? Well take a look...

I found this cute little dresser for $15. It is solid pine and I couldn't pass this deal up. Could you ? Right now, I have it sitting in the place where I am planning on putting a bench for my Mudroom setup. It's due for a makeover though.'s the rest

From the left:
*A little picnic basket that will be perfect to sit beside the couch to hold my "in progress" hair bows- $1
*5 bread pans that I plan on using either in my craft room or for storage in the pantry- $.50
*A crackled sconce that I wish would have had a twin but will do fine all by itself - $1
*A big basket that has wooden handles...yay!!! - $1.50
*And I couldn't leave the store without getting something for the girls....Hello Elmo!!! Just needs some batteries (that is until they learn how to make it work *smile*)- $.50

I also found this really vintage looking dress. I was sad when it didn't fit me in the bustier area *smile*, but...I bought it anyways because for $1.00, I can cut and trim some pieces and make a really cute shirt---or so I'm thinking. Hmmm.

I think I did pretty good for a quick trip to the store. There was a LOT more that I wanted, but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. That's what causes me to have "Idea Overload." Plus, I don't have that much room to store stuff...oh..and it saves me money too. I guess that's the better of all the reasons, huh?

After we got home...the girls were tired and hungry. I got them out of their car seats and laid them on the floor to cool off. While I was warming up their food, they started screaming and hollering...I knew they didn't feel good. Then..all of a sudden it all stopped. I looked in the living room and they were both sound a sleep with their thumbs in their motuh. So cute!!!

The rest of the day they were lazy and sleepy...very calm and queit. It was nice for a change. It brought me lot's of JOY and I was totally LOVE-ing it;
 I know that sounds bad, but it's true.

I hope that you have a wonderful Friday!!! Enjoy your weekend and relax...I hope it's cooler than it is here in South Carolina right's HOT!!!!


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