Friday, July 30, 2010

The Day in the Life of...

My dog Hank.

I feel bad for the poor fella. He really does have a rough life.

I mean look where he sleeps...

Yes...that is the pile of dirty towels that await their turn to flip-flop in the washer.
Perfect for a dirty him at least. No this is not where he really sleeps at night, I promise!!!

He never misses out on his daily sun sessions...that is unless it's raining cats
(I don't tell him that it does rain dogs sometimes...he would freak!!! *wink-wink*) can usually find him somewhere in the living room; some times scooched under a blanket or maybe even squished  between two pillows. 

This dog is one of the most creative dogs I've ever had. He can turn your frown upside down without you even knowing it. He's truly special...and I mean special. Ok...he has seriously chased his tail for 5 minutes before and barked at his mirror reflection. Do ya get me now? Mmmm...k. Good.

I love him. A. LOT!!!!!
Mike and I were talking about the other names that we had considered before we decided on "Hank." I said that we should have named him "Gus Gus" like the little chubby mouse off of Cinderella. It fits him perfectly. So... now when ever Hank starts doing something "special," I call him "Gus Gus." It's just my thing.

He's my little buddy though...I'll never forget how protective he was over the girls when they first came home. He NEVER EVER left my side. Even during the midnight feedings. There was my Gus Gus sitting on the edge of the bed making sure that they were ok.

We got Hank after I my miscarriage. I would say about a month. Mike really didn't want another dog, but I think he knew that it would be good for me. I believe that Hank helped me a lot more than I realize. I'm not saying that he took the place, but he did fill a little part of that void and helped keep my mind a little occupied.

He's my big baby. He's a big part of my life and I thought that he deserved a spot to show off...he's well deserving in my book. I appreciate his silly personality and loving, cuddly character.

Sweet luvins my Hank-a-licious!!!!!

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