Monday, August 2, 2010

Sassy and Chic

We found a new church here in Summerville that we really like. We've been going to it for a bit now. Getting ready to go is an adventure all in itself. I always feel like I'm over packing, but an hour away from home for the girls is a really big deal. Getting two babies in and out of the church is a trial too.

The past two times I've ended up leaving my bible at home, sitting on the table right where I left it. Not realizing it until the pastor says, ""

To keep myself from going GRRRR! again, I thought that it was time that I got myself a bible case or bag...but they're so expensive yall!!! I've got stuff going on, a budget to keep. I thought to myself..."It's time to get frugal!!!!"

So I came up with this.

Can you tell what it is?

This is my new church bag.
Isn't she lovely?!?!

I found the little straw tote at Target in the $1 section....
The posy pops I made and the pink polka dots were left over from the aprons I made.
I'm totally loving this whole thing.

I just heated up my glue gun. Added a bit here and there...and that's it!!!

It is exactly what I needed to tote my bible in and out of church in a sassy and chic way.
Ok..I'm sorry I forgot to turn the camera.
Any hoo...

I love her...she's totally me!!!

Hope you have a GREAT Monday!!!

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