Friday, July 2, 2010

Home Made Baby Food

We have began the adventure of solid foods...the girls and I. I decided before they were born that I would fix their food instead of buying it in the jar. Just so that I know exactly what's going in their mouth. I actually started making their food about 2 months ago when I found bananas on sale at the Piggly Wiggly, 2 lbs for 82 cents. Can't beat that deal. When we started getting our CSA box weekly, I would fix for us and then take out a portions for the girls. There's no sense in wasting any of those yummy veggies.

In my opinion, if I introduce veggies and some of those weird foods that most little kids don't like to try, they'll learn to like them now and then when they get older we won't have to go through the whole "I don't wanna eat my vegetables" ordeal. (hopefully)

Now that their eating solids everyday now, it's nice to be able to go to the freezer and pull out some of their food. When I grab it I know how it was fixed, when it was fixed, and where it came from. It's comforting.

The whole process is a lot simpler than people make it out to be. I never realized how much you can put up, especially when their only eating 2 Tbspns (that's between the both of them).

What are they eating?

sweet potatoes
green beans

I change it up often so they don't get hooked on one food item.
They weren't too thrilled at first when we went from bananas to sweet potatoes. Guess they're not AS sweet as they say they are *giggle*

I usually do all of my food making in one day. It's quicker that way.
This past week, I was super busy making food. I haven't made a lot lately, so I got to it.

We were blessed that Mike's Mom brought a huge box of sweet potatoes for us when they visited. I mean huge people!!! And the was just two zucchini. Really really big ones. I know! I should have taken pictures because these veggies probably would have made it in the world record book.
Ok...maybe not that big. Seriously though, they were as big as my fore-arm. You're probably wondering how I cooked them...the oven. Simple as that. Roasted them until they were tender enough to puree and wa-la!!

 I bought the apples at Bi-Lo. A big bag for $1.49. Gotta love it!!! I peeled them, cut the cores out and put them in a pot with some water. I cooked them until they were soft.
I did the same with the sweet potatoes, then peeled them once they cooled off.

I puree all the foods in my food processor. Mike's Mom-Mom bought it for me while they were here because she knew I'd use it to make baby food.

 Boy, am I glad she did. I'm not sure I would've had enough elbow grease to make this much food.

Anyhoo...once all the food is pureed, I pull out my ice cube trays and start fillin' them up. Lay some plastic wrap over top and lay them in the freezer.

 I've found ice cube trays offer the perfect portions for my girls, so that's what I use. In the mornings, I go to the freezer, I pull out a few cubes of food and place them in some plastic bowls. By the time it's time for them to eat, they've thawed out.

I love making baby food. I feel so much better knowing that I'm feeding my girls something that I know where it  came from, that I've prepared,  and that I would eat myself. Plus, it's a huge savings on our wallets.

Do you or have you made your own baby food? If so, I'd love to hear how you did it. Or maybe you have a veggie or fruit that I haven't thought of...please do share.

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  1. I have made all my own baby food for my daughter too! I love knowing exactly what goes into it and what she is getting. I also froze pureed food in ice cube trays, it was the perfect size serving when L was just starting to eat. I introduced pears, peas and carrots within the first month or two as well!


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