Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fourth of July Time!!!

It is SO Summer time yall!!!
The sun's shining bright 'til...the rain storms arrive right on their scheduled times.
The backyards are full of kids out of school laughing and playing in the water.
The fresh smell of suntan lotion is in the air.

I'm totally lovin' it up!

Fourth of July is this weekend and our plans are to live outside and enjoy this nice cold front that just stumbled through our neck of the woods.

It's been 85 the past two days.
Talk about

The girls are too little to go watch fireworks; even though here lately they've been laughing at everything. Who knows?

They might just laugh at the light show.
Mike and I have been grilling it up this weekend and it's only just begun. Yall know how much we love to grill; I've shared some of our success stories and recipes with you already. Needless to say, my husband has turned into a "not-so-shabby" grill Ma-STER!!!!

He decided that since it he doesn't have to work for 5 days (yay!!!), that we'd try some intimidating items on the grill...

Introducing......... the RIBS

Baby back ribs
...smoked on the grill for like 3 1/2 hours...
basted with our new BBQ sauce (will share with you soon)...
devoured by the silliest couple we know..

These ribs were so yummy, I didn't even want to eat anything else.
(Can you tell? *smile*)

 I'm really proud of my grill master. He did his research and took his time. I am so glad he did because they were delicious!!!

Here's what we had with our ribs:

Since I had some a lot of fresh cucumbers from my CSA box this week, I decided to use some in a nice pasta salad. So're gonna love it!!!

What you'll need:

Any short pasta
(amount depends on how much you want to make)
Cheddar cheese cut into cubes
Fresh Basil
Any style Italian dressing
Optional: Grape Tomatoes
(my husband doesn't like them, so I don't add them)

Cook your pasta, chop up all of the veggies, cheese, and basil.
Throw it all together in a bowl, add some dressing, give it a shake shake (with the lid on of course)...
...and you'll end up with a delicious Summer salad fit for any this case...RIB NIGHT!

I hope that yall have a wonderful Fourth of July...I can't wait to see what everyone did.

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  1. Happy 4th of July weekend!! We shot off fireworks on Memorial Day and Lily just laughed and laughed. We're hoping she will on Monday night when we shoot off some! :)


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