Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Randomness WFMW

I woke up this morning around 4:30 to Miss Hope talking in the nursery. When I walked in she was wide-eyed and full of smiles. A lot better than a shrill cry or scream I must say. The girls have been sleeping longer through the night, which makes me a little bit more personable these days.
After I fed them and put them back to sleep, I was already too awake to settle back down. My mind was going full speed for the days' did I do?

Put the coffee on to brew.


Of course, when I get out of bed, the dogs are soon to follow. They sit and give me their puppy dog faces that I'm supposed to translate into "I must go outside NOW!!" I'm a slow learner *smile*

So, the dogs and I (oh! and my coffee too) ventured outside on the back deck and sat for a while. The air is cool and crisp for a summer morning. I'm seriously loving this SC weather.

I couldn't help but notice my basil plant that is what pretty much sitting as tall as I was. It's definitely grown.

Last year my basil died because of the good 'ole Louisiana heat. Poor thing. Basil is my absolute favorite herb. It tastes so yummy and can be used in pretty much any dish...if you're a fan. My goal this week is to cut quite a bit off and make some simple delights: herb butter, sweet basil marinara/spaghetti sauce, and attempt basil olive oil (I've seen this one on the Food Network). I'll let you know how they turn out.

Do you remember that salsa that I shared last week? Well, my husband is in hog heaven with that stuff. So much that I had to make even more to put up for later down the road.

He begged me to can some. Ha! This was a joke at first because I, me!, have never canned in my life. Moma always used to make homemade pickles, but that was before I started pitching in with the kitchen love. So, I did my research on canning. Got the ins and outs of the whole process and got to work. A couple hours later, I had 6 jars of salsa cooling on my kitchen counter.

Was it painful?


Was it easy?


Will I do again?


Anyhoo...I guess what my point really't be afraid of canning. *smile*

Ahemm..hem...moving on...

So...I'm sure if you've read this blog enough, you've realized that I love for my girls to wear their little prissy bows when we venture out on the town. It's a must for any Southern Belle. Well, my girls have a LOT of bows. LOT! LOT! LOT!! I can't help it.

New outfit = New hair bow to match
(if there's not one already)

Their bows needed a new home when the basket that held them at first became overwhelmed and quit on us. So...I got to thinking and came up with this...

This is actually the first picture I took of it when it was first finished. It's early in the morning now and this is currently hanging in the nursery, where my girlies are sound asleep. It is covered with their hair bows though.

The whole project was quite simple to be honest.

What I used:
wooden plaque I found at the Airman's Attic on base
hot glue
paint brushes

The whole  Some of the process:
Ok..I started with the blank board. I painted with a coat of white paint for a primer.
All the while, trying to keep my Bella girl off of the table. She loves the smell of paint for some really odd reason.

Then, I took my colors and painted little dots all over.
As you can see...the few minutes that I took to check on the girls left me with a dilemma. Bella found her way onto the table and walked right across the wet paint.

 How did I know?
Oh..I just followed the little pink paw prints all the way off the table, on to the chair cushion, and on to the kitchen rug.
Way to go Bella!!

Needless to say, I had to fix the mess up.

Well...I'll blame Bella for the fact that I forgot to take pictures of the painted edge and letters. I know it looks like black in the picture, but the letters are actually a really dark purple. You can tell when you look at it in person. I'm not in "love" with this whole thing. But I do like it.
I'm not going to promise that it won't magically look different one ordinary day. *grin*

But for'll do.
The bows needed a home and a home they got and this totally Works for Me!!!

Well of my girls is up and at 'em. It's 8 a.m. and she's hungry...

Hope yall have a great day!!!

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  1. That bow holder is too cute. Good job! :D

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