Thursday, August 12, 2010

I admit...

I have done something here recently that I could just kick myself for. I have gone and lost my camera. Well...lost is a strong word. Maybe misplaced fit's this situation better. I know it's somewhere in this crazy house of mine. So technically, it's just misplaced. (Yes this is the excuse I'm using so I don't make myself feel oh-so-lame for losing my with me here)

I have looked all over the place for it though. High and low and in between. It's no where to be found.  I have made the official announcement to Mike that my camera is M.I.A.

He informed me that this is not how I go about getting a new one. It's not the best way to show that you can handle a new one when you lose misplace your old one. I just smiled.
What am I going to do now? I have to have a camera for pictures. I have twin girls that are always doing something new and am I going to capture all of these "precious memories?!?"

Honestly, we were already researching a new camera ---BUT---we hadn't decided on one yet. Research in this housed hold takes LOTS of time and effort. That's too long for me at this moment in time.

Of course, I have my back up...the video camera. It has it's own snapshot aspect and all, but it's not the same.  The quality isn't as good. But for now, that's what I have and what I'll have to deal with until the decision on a new camera is made.
What I'm looking for in a new camera (not much):
1. Fast shutter speed - I want to be able to take "right now" pictures. Not...wait for it, wait for it!
2. Good Mega pixels - I want good quality.

THAT"S IT!!!!!

So here's where you come in to play...
What kind of camera do you have or suggest and why?
Do you have any advice for what to look for?

Let me might help me acquire a new camera a LOT faster. *Grin*

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