Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Midnight Rampage

Cutalicious Rossettes for Myself
Hey yall...I am so pumped right now. For some reason, I have this BURST of energy running through my veins. Well, it's really the caffeine, but yall know that I've turned in to a night owl because that's MY time. *smile*

Tonight's agenda includes spray paint, diaper boxes, baskets, fabric, hot glue, and some uplifting Christan music to keep me on the move.

Oh yeah!!!

I'm a-rockin it out tonight. The projects are going to be crossed out for sure!!!

I talked to my Moma tonight for like an hour and a half. Talked her ear off yall. I apologized. Told her that I haven't had time to talk to anyone all week so she's to suffer. *giggle* I think she secretly enjoyed it...I heard it in her voice when she said, "I miss you."

Anyhoo...I think I'm going to have to limit my time that I look at people's blogs. I get so many ideas that run through my head that I end up with project overload. Does that happen to you or am I the only one? Please say you do it too...please!!!

I think my brain is experiencing thought overload. I feel like I'm talking, wait!, typing ninety miles and hour and my poor little fingers can't keep up.

Farmer's Market Tote
I promise...I'll be ok.

You should see all of the stuff I've already gotten done. My diaper boxes for my box project are painted. I'm exited to share those with you. My tomato cans for my caddy are painted pink..patiently waiting for the glue gun to heat up. I'm cutting some fabric now for the rosettes that are going to  accessorize the caddy and a few bags that I have around the house.

I figured since I can accessorize a church bag, why not the rest of the family totes?


Up-close of Farmer's Market Tote

You'll be glad to know that my Farmer's Market tote involved no sewing...just my glue gun. So you can do this!!!

Change of pace occurs about....NOW...
Unfortunately, I am sad to say that my caffeine buzz ended with an abrupt STOP last night. It is now the morning and I am attempting to re-energize myself with, you guessed it, more caffeine. I know, it's a horrible addiction.

I'm trying to think if I actually accomplished anything night or if I was just running around like a crazy lady. Probably both. Actually, I know it was both.

My craft room is a mess I tell ya. Fabric pieces everywhere, glue strings strung from one end of the table to the other, paint all over the table...and then there's my hands. Covered in paint. Thank goodness it eventually comes off.

Ugly boxes..uh huh!
I did, however, manage to get some stuff done. But, I should have listened to my Moma. The boxes didn't turn out how I wanted all. They need more paint. ok...A LOT more paint.
Right now, their just down right  U-G-L-Y. *sigh*

That's what happens when you get anxious to get a project "done" but not done right. I'm thinking I can either cover up the horrible numbers (please don't laugh at me, this is me trying to be frugal ok) with some large rosettes that will match the living room colors -OR- attempt to darken the paint. I'll let you know what I come up with when I'm finished. They might end up going to the dump with the rest of the trash this week.

To keep my sanity today and not end up having my day turn out like last night, I made my self a list of what I was going to do. Once those things were done, that was it. Nothing more for the day but the usual. I'm hoping that it works. Maybe I can get the stuff done and have time for an "oh so needed" nap.

Here's my list:

1. Get to the gym for Zumba!!!
2. Wash baby's clothes
3. Inventory freezer
4. Cut out frabric for living room curtains
5. Cut out coupons and file in binder

That's it!!! It doesn't sound like a lot, but the girls will have a big part of "if" I get these things done. We'll see how the day plays out.

I hope that your day goes well. Keep smiling!!!! God bless!!

Oh yeah, don't drink too much coffee. *BIG smile*


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