Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tips from a Moma Short-on-Time

As a new Moma, I have found that the time that I have to get chores and other daily tasks done is pretty much non-existent. It is a challenge to get some of the smallest tasks done because I have two little chick-a-dees calling my name, "Moma!!  Moma!!!" demanding every drop of energy I can put out (Does dancing around the living room holding a baby on each hip count as my daily cardio?)

So, to me, time is of the essence. I have to stay on top of things or my day will just sneak away and the chores will remain...well...there. Not my favorite story ending.
I have found several time savers that allow me to divide and conquer my battle with time...grrrr...and I want to share them with you...because maybe, just maybe, you're having trouble with time and countability too and these little tips will help you become a winner!

Let's get started, shall we?

Don't like it, never have, probably never will. But, these days our laundry includes bibs covered in baby food and spit-up clothes every day. Washing clothes is an all the time event here in our house.
This was the smartest idea I think I have ever come up with....I'm really proud of myself on this one. But...take this advice to keep from re-doing loads over and over...if you really don't think you're going to get to flipping the loads, let alone folding the clothes, just leave it be.

Wash your "doesn't need to be folded right away" first. Such as towels, socks, the unspeakables, blankets, etc.


Because it doesn't matter if they're not folded ASAP because they are ok wrinkly. Find a spot in your house and deem it the Laundry Zone. Mineis my dining table. Wash, dry, and throw them there to wait for their friends.

Then, Wash your "needs to be folded right away" things last. This will keep you from folding laundry ALL day long. It can be done all at one time when it's ALL dry. I have found that it's so much faster this way...and...my husband pitches in most of the time when I do this. He's a professional towel folder and sock matcher.

Yes...at the end of the day, I have a big pile of laundry sitting on my dining table. But the good thing is it only took me 30 minutes to fold it and put it all away instead of spending 1-2 hours of trampling through the house back and forth putting clothes away. Plus...remembering to flip the clothes to the dryer helps to keep your dryer hot and speeds up your laundry-doing time. It's true! Give it a try....you'd be surprised. If you have older kids, this would be a good time to incorporate them. I've learned that folding laundry is something one has to learn how to do. It doesn't come natural to everyone. *grin*

When it comes to getting down with the nitty gritty of the house, this bucket has become my best friend. I shared the details of the bucket here. Talk a bout a time saver.

Clean the bathroom you say? Ok...come on cleaning bucket friend, let's go do this to-ge-ther!!!

Simple as that. Keep your stuff grouped close to one another and you wont have to worry about forgetting a cleaner or a scrubbie. Piece of cake!!

#3: PICK-CREW *giggle*
Right now, my girls aren't at the age where they can pitch in and help organize the mess that develpps trhoug out the day. I'm ok with that. I'm treasuring them as I should. . . no "I wish they were only a bit older" comments here. Anyhoo, as any house does, my house becomes cluttered quickly. Hairbows are thrown on the table, paci's lay here and there, flip-flops ar at botht eh front dorr and back door, kitchen towels lay at the computer desk and underneath the girls jumpers. Why? I'm not so sure, but there they lay. I could spend a whole day picking up and putting away only to walk back out and see something else that nees to go home. For example, I'm looking at the glass that my husband left here on the computer desk...he's been gone to work for 2 hours now.  *smile* I love him!!!

My plan of attack for this battle is this magical thing I like to call a basket. It's quite magical. It holds a LOT of stuff that is out of place or has ran away from home. In fact...there it is...in it's quiet place, just waiting for stuff to hop in.

During the day, I make a point to always stay on the look-out for things that need to be put away. When I find something (which I always end up doing) I throw it in this basket. Once the girls are in bed, the kitchen is cleaned, and everything else is accomplished...this basket is picked up. All of those misfits make their way back and become all snug-in-a-rug in their homes again.

This basket keeps me from going in sane over worrying about the clutter...because I jsut throw it all in their. Simple. Easy. Worry Free!!

These are a few tips from me to you. Like I said already, I don't have a lot of time to run back and forth. My time is usually short and even shorter when it comes to chores and "must-do's." These help me to get more done in that short amount of time.

Do you have timesavers that you want to share? Maybe a tip or two that would help me out even more?
I always LOVE tips.

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