Saturday, September 18, 2010

8 Months

Um...It's hard to say...but my girls are 8 months. It makes me sad but happy...if that's possible. We have overcome the whole preemie thing with flying colors. That's hard to believe too.

The girls are just blowing me away when it comes to milestones. Given, there are times when I wonder when they're going to learn how to do things based on the things other babies their age are doing. But I have to remind myself, that they're a month behind in reality. So in all actuality, they are only 7 months.
But look at would never know.

Hope is still my reserved baby. Though, she has her moments when she enjoys singing to the heaven's...or to her little Angel Sister. I've started playing their kid's bible songs when we're in the car and that's when she just belts it out. So much fun!!!
She is my cuddler. She loves to lay her head on my shoulder and suck her thumb. The sweetest moments if you ask me. Some that I'll never forget.

They're sitting up on their own now. I love it!!! It's so much fun playing with them because they get so excited that they're sitting.  It's so cute!!!

Savannah is Miss Outspoken. Talking all. the. time! I've noticed over the past couple of days that she's sounding out vowels instead of just making noises. Time to start working with her. She is reaching for everything that's in her sight. She LOVES to put her washcloth in her mouth. She prefers it over her teether toys. Silly girl. Lately, she has a fetish with sitting upside down. She'll fall back on her boppy pillow and look at everything upside down. Super Silly!!!

Both girls are:

Sitting up by themselves. They're reaching for their toys that are all around them. They're working on sitting up from laying down. Great ab workout if you ask me. *smile*

I've started giving water to them from my water bottle and they are doing great...yay!!! No sippie cup. I read that at this age, they actually learn how to drink from a cup faster than at say 18 months or older. So, why not?

Their favorite foods right now are...oh yeah! EVERYTHING!! *giggle* 

They love to splash and play in the bath tub. I can't wait till they sit up good enough to get in together. That will be funny!  They've started focusing in on things lately. It cracks me up because they go cross-eyed when they're doing it...silly. Out side amazes them. They laugh when the wind ruffles through the limbs; when the dogs chase each other around them. And I must say...I've felt something when we've been outside lately. The happiness that is felt when we're out there together isn't just between the three of us...I believe that when they are laughing at something I can't see that someone special is tickling their cheeks.

 I love you little Hadley Grace!!!!!!

My girls are growing too fast. Before I know it...January will be here. EEEK!!!!

Happy Eight Months my little munchkins! Moma and Daddy love you very very much!!!

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  1. Kristen,
    Thanks for reaching out and commenting on my blog. I love being a woman and love the support we lend each other.

    Your girls are beautiful. Twins were a dream of mine. Each pregnancy I begged for twins. We had twin girls in our home from the time they were 4 months until they were 16 months (foster care sort-of) and while it was so much was so much fun.

    I've enjoyed scrolling through your blog posts and love your outlook on life!



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