Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Common Question

I have two babies. The same age....exactly. Twins.

Some days I want to go outside and scream to the heavens and some days I want to spend all day on the floor smushed in between my sillies and play peeka boo with them for hours at a time.

All in all, it's natural. The whole overwhelmed feeling. I'm definitely not the first.

Here lately we've entered a new world of "my" toys. The girls realized that there was another baby about a month ago...and they are now totally amazed by the exact reflection that they see. It's great!

What's not so great is that at 7 months they've already started to snatch toys from each other as if that specific toy is JUST theirs. Awh...what a joy to look forward to. *smirk*

This week at Multiples and More, the question of the week is...

What are your favorite products for your multiples?

■Do you have one for every child?
■What types of products can you get away with just buying one of?
■If you have boy/girl multiples do you buy gender neutral so they can all play or do you stick with pink and blue? Does it matter?
■What product did you buy that you wish you didn't?
■How do you keep everything organized?

I have found that these are all common questions that one with mulitples hears. People are intrigued by how to take care of 2+ babies at a time. To be honest...I still am. *smile*

If you were to look around our house right now, you probably wouldn't even think we had twins unless you stared directly at the 2 highchairs and the 2 jump-a-rOOs that sit in the living room. Other than that, I don't have 2 of everything. I couldn't imagine how cluttered my house would look if I did. Whoo! I so don't even want to think about it.

In my opinion, you really only need 2 of the essentials, which in our case is the following:
1. crib
2. highchair
3. jumper
4. bouncer
5. boppy pillow

I think the two pieces that we've gotten the most use out of since the girls have been born are the boppy pillows and the bouncers.

Pillows doubled for nursing and for sleeping/lounging on the couch. The bouncers go anywhere and everywhere and we're STILL using them today. I think they're my favorite!!

We used to have two of the bumbo chairs. I loved the idea of them and all. But they just didn't work out for us. The girls were never comfortable and their legs got stuck in them.

So...if I were to do it over, I would just forget about buying them. I enjoy the bouncers a whole lot more.
And in case you were wondering...Hank loves you guys! He wanted you to know.

Have a wonderful Sunday...God Bless!!


  1. I completely agree about the bouncers! They are my favorite too!

  2. Ah the fun things you have to look forward to. :)

  3. I agree about the Bumbo chairs. Awfully cute, but totally useless!


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