Monday, September 6, 2010

Let's Remodel!!!

You heard me right. Let's just remodel this bathroom and make it all pretty-fied.

This is what my husband and I have been saying to each other for the past month. We have several projects on our list for the house; such as a shed for the backyard, the guest bathroom, the kitchen cabinets and back splash, bead board in the dining room...Oh friends...I could keep going because it is a VERY VERY long list. Extremely!

We haven't really been able to decide on what area to begin with. It's hard making a final decision on what project to start with. If I could do all of them at the same time and everything look all grand and sparkly...Oh I would, I would. But this is reality, not Neverland.

Thankfully, the decision was made for us when the toilet in the guest bathroom started leaking. Ta Da!!! No more thinking. Awhhh...

So, I was convinced that this would probably be the easier of all the projects on our list. It's not going to be difficult in labor per say, but coming to an agreement on what to replace the old with is where the headaches will begin. I'm more for the "it should look nice and not cheap but not cost me an arm and a leg either," and he's more along the line of, "let's just do it."

To give you an idea of what we're working with, here is what the bathroom looks like right now. This very minute. I mean, I just took these pictures.

Isn't it just wretched looking!?! The people that lived here before us attempted to do this faux finish on the walls and it looks horrible. To me, it looks like someone vomited on the wall. YUCK!!!
I'm actually pretty thankful that the toilet started to leak, because maybe now I can have pretty guest bathroom.

I've been looking around the blogosphere and have found some inspiration for what I would like to do with the space. I'm excited!!!

We have chosen this color scheme for the space and it totally relaxes my soul just looking at it.
Doesn't it make you want to sit in this chair and stare out into the waves?

Sand Dollars, seashells, mason jars, rope....yepper that's what I'm going for. Peaceful and calm is what this bathroom is going to be all about. That is until the girls get old enough to torment the poor thing.

I'll be keeping yall updated on the progress we make. Hopefully it'll all be finished within the week since Mike's Dad is here. How nice huh? Come for a visit and we put ya to work. Ha!!

Have a Great Monday!!!


  1. Good Morning Kristen Sweetie...
    Oh I love this blue and yes it is very calming. (Now there might be a problem with this, you will never get your guests out of the bathroom.)

    It will be so fun. I love to paint and redo. Can't wait to see the finished project. Seashells and Ocean items are on clearance at some Hobby Lobbies right now, as they are getting rid of the Summer stuff. If you have one close by be sure and check it out.

    I love the new photos of Hope and Savannah. They sure are growing. Won't they be fun this Christmas?

    Hope you all are well. Many hugs sweetie...

  2. Love the color and the beach theme!! We're getting ready to redo our guest room and half bath (to be JJ's nursery/guest room). We're going to paint it blue, but I'm not sure exactly the shade yet :) Can't wait to see the progress!!

    Myra and I are going to be in Charleston next Thursday (the 16th). Would you want to meet for lunch? Would it be better to come to your house? You tell us what would be best- you're the one with twins!! :) Can't wait to meet you!!!!!!!


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