Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"He's Still Working on Me..."

This is the song that pops into my head when I walk into our guest bathroom. The guys have been hard at work tearing everything out of the bathroom to put in the "new."
This is what they found when the took out the old toilet paper holder. A HUGE hole!! Can you believe that?!?! So, needless to say, we they had to patch it up.

The floor is finally up and the vanity and cabinet are on their way out. Yippee!!!!!

Today...the agenda is "girls! Girls! GIRLS!!!"

No, just kidding. It's really going to be focused on installing the toilet, painting and putting in the new vanity and putting down the floor.

Mike keeps hinting to me that I'm going to be the one painting the bathroom. I still haven't gotten through to him that it doesn't make sense for me to paint...all I hear when he "watches" the girls is
"Where is this? How do I do this? Can you show me where to find this and that?" *smile*

I end up showing or doing it myself anyways....so don't you agree he should just go ahead and paint and let me watch the girls? You do!!! Oh great!! I'll tell him.

Mike is loving this whole project thing. You know when you do home improvement projects, it's super necessary to have all the right tools. If you don't have them, you have to buy them. Ha!
We've gone with the second option. We were pretty much tool-less at the beginning of this endeavor. Now, I think we could open our own fixer-upper business. No...I'm just kidding again.

However, my husband seems to be grinning from ear to ear every time he gets back from Home Depot. By his huge smile, you would think that he just won the lotto or something...in this case, it's the tool lotto. *giggle*

It's ok though, pretty much everything he's getting is something I can use too for crafts and such.

Like I said though, I've been the one keeping the girls while they've been working. They've been in a slump the past couple of days. They're We're still not feeling well. Yes, my babes got me sick and so we're all in a slump. It's cute though...you see here that they just want to lay around and be all cozy in their pillows or cozy with me.

And did I mention that during one of his return trips, there happened to be a new fan in the midst of all the "newness"? Oh...well, here it is. Our new bedroom fan. She's a beauty huh?

So, once all of the to-do's our done for the day, I'll share the updates with you. As for now, duty calls.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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