Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Best of Both; Part 2

Last Sunday, I sat here and introduced yall to my favorite Daddy. I attempted to put into words how amazing of a man he is and how he influenced me. Well, this week, it's my Moma's turn.

Her name is Sheila...and when she's in trouble *giggle* it's either Sheila Lynn (Nana calls her that) or it's Moma Sue (that's mine). She is a hardworking lady of all sorts. She hardly ever stops doing...I can see where I get it from. I've heard my Daddy say a million times, "she has the biggest heart, that gal of mine."

She's my best friend. She's the only true friend I have. I can call her any time of the day or night and she'll listen to me. Well....she'll selectively listen to me. I can say that because I do it too.
Talk about amazing.

Like my Daddy, my Moma has a lot of that natural "know-how:" when it comes to things. Although, she doesn't give herself enough credit sometimes. A couple of years ago, I tried to get her into scrap booking so she would have a hobby Well, she didn't like it...but instead took to card making. Since then, I have seen some B-E-A-utiful cards
Moma taught me a lot growing up. I spent a lot of time watching her do things...cook, sew, pay bills, and handle everyday situations. She always managed to keep her cool no matter what. She always told me that how you handle yourself in the midst of chaos shows a lot about who you are inside.

It was usually me and Moma in the house. Daddy and Bub were usually outside doing the "man" thing. We, were inside piddle paddlin around being buddies and all. We shopped together, cooked together, watched girly movies name it we did it.
When I started cheering, she was always right there. Even though she was a gun twirler (yeah I can't remember the official name" in high school, she always told me that she was living through me. No matter what, I always knew that she was up in the bleachers watching me. My biggest fan. I don't know what I would've been into if she would have been so supportive and all during my teen years. She was my inspiration for a lot of stuff. When I thought I couldn't do something, she would talk me through my doubt and show me that if I tried, I could do it. She didn't want me feeling like a failure. I listened to her and took everything she said to heart. Even tough I know she'll never admit it, my Moma was very hard on herself and still is. I know that's every woman tough. But, watching her beat her self up sometimes over little things taught me that sometimes you have to just let go.

Not everything can be controlled...outcomes vary...we are not perfect.

One of the biggest things she taught me though was how to love. Like I said, she as a huge heart. She'll drop WHATEVER she's doing if you need her help. She has sacrificed a lot over the years. With Daddy being sick, she has stood by his side through it all. I've watched her become down and out because of the way the house has to be (quiet and dark). I know too, over time, it can ware you down and blue your mood. I lived there for 22 years remember? But she has pushed it all away. She found ways to look past the darkness and see the brightness of it all.
The lesson:
Yes she is married to a man that is sick. He is very sick. She could very easily be very discouraged by it all. But she looks at it like this:
She's married to a man that is full of soul and life. That loves her very much and is forever grateful for the ways she goes above and beyond to care for him. (even though he doesn't show it 100 of the time *smile*) She has a beautiful home that was built by the man of her dreams. She has two children that have blessed her with beautiful grandchildren.

She is grateful.
and. it. shows.

I try everyday to walk like her. She is a big reason for the way that I treat my husband. Respect and's a big thing in a marriage.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't like her. I'm exactly like her. Looks and mind. I used to try to say I wasn't when I was younger, but that was before I understood her. She's a gushy woman. She loves to tell you how much she loves and adores you. That used to drive me crazy.
But now I understand....of course because I have my own girls.

When I was pregnant, I was terrified that she wouldn't be there. I wondered how in the world cold I have my girls without my Moma there by my side. She had been there for every other milestone and achievement that I'd made in the past...this was the biggest of them all.
She got there though..with a few days to spare...she was there. By my side...taking pictures of it all and holding my hand.

I am so very grateful to have a Moma like I do. My heart and soul desires to have the heart and strength that she has. To say I love her very much is a HUGE understatement. HUGE! She has my full admiration. I miss her everyday and understand now how bad her heart hurts when she says she misses me too.

My heart gushes with love just like her's does...what more could I ask for?
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