Saturday, October 30, 2010

Transitional Fall Wreath

Remember the day before yesterday...I promised I'd share my Fall door wreath with you. Well, I'm sorry that I forgot. I feel bad. Errands needed to be run and they were super's my story and I'm sticking to it.

But...the wreath.

 I found the base of it a long time ago on one of my many thrift store adventures. It was covered in ugliness and sadness waiting for someone to pick it up and take it home to make it look pretty. I'm sure along time ago when it was new, it looked really neat covered in corn husks and all. And by golly, I don't have a picture of it anywhere. I know, I stink. But trust me, it would have scared you for sure. So I saved you from having a possible cardiac arrest from the torture of this previous wreath decor. Anyhoo...I picked it up (eyes closed of course) for only $0.99. Can't beat that.

I'll pretend to skip the part where I tell you it sat in my "project box" for oh...I don't know how long because it scared me so bad. Long time. *smile*
When I finally decided to do something with it, I grabbed my burlap. Oh yes! Burlap can fix any faux pau...right Tator Tots and Jello ???? Right! Of course it can..and boy howdy did it.

I got my glue gun heated up and my burlap cut into long strips. Once I was ready to go, I simply wrapped the wreath with the burlap gluing along the way to make sure it was snug and secure. Looking a bit like this without anything on it.
When it was all wrapped, I admit I was truly stumped on what I actually wanted to do with it. walked Mr. Idea....Why not make it a transitional wreath.

Oh yes yall!!! I decided to make this wreath work for ANY room, holiday, occasion, name it, this wreath can do it!!!
This is what I did....
Yeah, remember the garlandand my lantern wreath with all of the beautiful Fall leaves? Well, I had some left over so I decided to use them here. A little bit of hot glue, some pieces of the soft side of Velcro and  Ta- Da!!!
I had some leaf clusters ready for fall-age.

I grabbed some twine and looped it around to make a super simple hook-a-roo for hanging purposes.

Sorta pretty huh?

I made these while I was working on it too.

Turn it a bit and add another hanging doo dad and there you have it.

They're more Springy, but I couldn't resist. They too can be attached with Velcro. Pretty nifty huh?
 I liked because it's simple and that's the kind of girl I am. Simple. Well...ok...most of the time. Mike might tell you I'm OCD and complex but I consider myself simple. I probably get the OCD from my Daddy, but who knows, it might be from Moma. I guess you'll have to come back on Sunday to find out...huh? huh?

Hope your Saturday is filled with family goodness. I love you all for sticking with are my outlet and I enjoy sharing all of my craziness with you. Sweet luvins!!!

For those of yall going and getting candy...beeee careful!!!!

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  1. I love it. It's a nice change from circular wreaths and the clusters of leaves are so pretty. Nice job.

  2. thanks for commenting on my wreath - they really are very similar!! i love that you used a heart not only for Valentine's day!


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