Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home Tour: Master Bedroom

I was going to share the dining room with you, but I wanted to write where I got some of the things with you. So, since I'm a little short on time this week, I figured I'd go ahead and skip to the back of the house and walk you through our master bedroom.

Now that I look at it in pictures, man does is look like blue overload.

When we picked out this color, it was calm and comforting. I loved it. But I'm thinking that I need a softer bedspread to relax those walls a bit. It wasn't a big splurge...a good and quick Wal-Mart find. Worked at the moment.

On this wall though, I love the picture and the fleur de lis hooks. We found this picture at Kohls for a steal and I love it. The box on the dresser hold all the memories of my Grandaddy: ties, pictures, cards, and lots more. It's special. Don't fret over the gun cases, they're just cases. I promise.

Don't-cha just love my wall fixin's here? It's pitiful huh? We don't have a headboard so I threw something up on the wall.. I have this idea for something but I'm still working on it. The heart wreath is actually from our wedding. You can see it here. The white shelf is from goodwill. Two dollars, can't beat that.

This is our lovely love seat that we moved from the living room. The afghan is from Mike's Mom-Mom. She made it for us a couple of weeks ago. The color goes perfect with our room. It's cozy too!!!

And this...underneath the white blanket, is my Grandmother's hope chest. Inside is filled with a lot of memories. Some of the girls belongings are already filling up space.

It's far far far from the way I want it. New furniture would be great. The curtains still aren't finished. The TV was just hung up not too long ago.
But, I'm sure that I'm not the only one that saves their bedroom for the last thing to work on.

I did say though...a true home tour. No bells and whistles here.

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  1. What a pretty color ! The room looks peaceful and relaxing - perfect for a young couple with twins !!!!!!

    thanks for sharing,


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