Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home Tour: The Nursery

So far, you've seen almost half of my house. How does it feel?
I saw a "one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater..." Oh sorry...the girls are watching sing-a-longs right now. Songs haven't changed yall...but the purple theme seems to fit this post quite well I must say.

Back to the story...the girls room is by far my most favorite room out of the whole house. Even up next to my kitchen. It was also the first room in the house that was finished. It was important to me for their room to be finished instead of staying in the "in-the-process."

Welcome to their world...
There are a lot of times I sit in the rocker and read to them...many many mornings.
Every morning  I bend down and look at them through their cribs...sometimes I get pouts...

sometimes I get smiles.

Their room is average size. Splashed with purple-ly, lavender-ish, some pinks and green colors. Filled with fluttering butterflies. Their bedding is green with purple paisley accents. It was handmade by my Moma. She wanted to do something special for the girls and I am so happy she did.

Sadly though, we've had to take it out so they don't pull it down on them. But, it was beautiful while it was in there.

 This shelf here holds a lot of their doo-dads. Socks, receiving blankets, hairbands, books, pacifiers (which they don't use anymore thank you Lord!!!)

I have stood at that changing table many hours I must say.
Two babies = LOTS of diapers!!!!

Their crazy bow collection. It has since been filled even more. No more space for any more cute-sy bows. *pout*

So...I had to make this.
This is my hanger hair bow thingy. Yepper! That's it's name. A simple wire hanger bent into a circle, covered with purple toole or whatever it's called. The hair bows clip right onto...well, the alligator clippies at least. The girls LOVE looking at it when they're on the changing table.

This is their closet of course. Filled to the rims...or molding.

Some other favorites about the room...

Mike's old teddy bear

Mike's old Pound Puppy

These are the name layouts their Nana made them...

The girls room is my favorite. I love spending time with them in their. I'm always seeing new things that I want to put in there, but remember that it's only so big. It's fun to be able to share it all with them.


  1. What a cute room! I love their shelves with the pink drawers. I also love the bow holder!

  2. It is so gorgeous, you must have spent time to put more nursery wall art to add more look to the nursery.


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