Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lantern Wreath

This year, we are truly blessed to own our first home that I can decorate for the seasons. Like I've been sharing with you already, my goal is to decorate and add touches of Fall around the home without going broke.

While I was making my homemade garland, I went ahead and made a wreath to hang on my lantern that sits in my front yard.

I pulled an old wire hanger out of the hall closet (hmm..this seems to be a trend here). I bent it until I came up with circle or somewhat close to one. I had a mixture of the colors cut off of their stems ready to go.

Here's my hanger ... With my glue gun hot and ready to go I got busy.
Let me just say, lay your leaves down and put the hanger on top of them. Make sure you have a weight of some sort to press the wire into the hot glue.

 I pulled out some orange and brown raffia accents and tie them in a knot, attached it with some glue and there you have it.
Took me all but 5 minutes to create

You can see my wreath is far from being a circle. But, I"m okay with that. It looks really pretty hanging on my lantern.

So, that is my "yard" wreath. She sits out where all the neighbors can see her when they drive by. She teeters and totters when the wind blows and makes me smile because I the most $2 on her.

Stay tuned though...I have another wreath I made..I'll show you how I made her tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!!!

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