Monday, November 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday and The Girls Playroom

This week the weather is supposed to be georgeous! The high is supposed to stick around the 70's and that makes my heart tingle. I know, I'm a dork. But, we never had weather like this in Florida. I consider this my Fall.

On a sadder note (I know that's not really a word but...I'm using it). My girls are still sick. We thought Hope was going to get by with out catching Savannh's cold, but she didn't. And now Savannah has it again. In addition to their colds, I noticed that both girls have their botom teeth cutting through.
So let's do the equation:
(Cutting teeth + cold  + runny nose) x 2= pitiful, cranky, irritable baby girls

Raise your hand if you feel helpless.


Despite my girls not feeling well, the show must go on.
This week the menu will consist of:

One Dish Chicken and Stuffing with sweet and sour carrots
Skillet Pasta and Beef Dinner with side salads
Maple galzed BBQ Chicken with wild rice
Lemon and Garlic Shirmp Fetuccine
Tacos with roasted corn salad
Homemade Pizza
Football Sunday= Bratwursts, baked beans, and cheesy shells
Garlic Beef Roast with Dill potatoes and corn

My poor runny nose babies

On a different note.

I have been thinking alot about that extra space in our house. Mike and I have talked about all the toys that have accumlated in front of our TV and it has been decided that our third bedroom will be turned into a...


A spot to house toys, creative play, wild imaginations, grins and giggles, and the mess of two little silly monsters I like to call Hope and Savannah. I have been thinking about what sort of theme I wanted to go with in this room. After thinking and thinking, my head started to ache. So...I drifted through the collections at Hawthorne Threads and came across this cute print.

Oh owl I love it...hee hee!
Ok, I know I"m a dork...but isn't it adorable!?!?!

I love the bright colors and the owls eyes just make me smile. So, I started with that. I really wanted to incorporate this in there somewhere....
...but I don't think it's possible. Plus, everywhere I look it's out of stock. Grrr!

Forced to move on, I came across these patterns.

They have the same color pallet as the owl fabric and will go great together. Here are some other ideas I have...remember, they're just ideas.

Owls on the walls:

Baskets for toys...

 And to have a place for guests to sleep...a sleeper sofa.


I also want to put shelves and cubby holes in there for toys and books to be stored. Pretty curtains. Cute pillows on the sofa. A little toddler table and chairs. And of course, a little TV for their Veggie Tales DVDs. I'll keep you updated on the process. I have some cute homemade decorations I'm wanting to add in there as well. I will be posting those soon....or when I have time to actually get to them.

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