Friday, June 3, 2011

A Frugal Summer List

Summer is officially here in South Carolina. When I say it's hot...
I mean it's HOT HOT HOT!!!!
You are greeted in the mornings with a nice, "Hello!!! It's already 90 degrees!!" Not that I'm complaining or anything. Because warm weather means more of this...

and less of this...
Not that this itsn't absolutely's just too cold for these little cuties.

So it all works out in my favor. But it's still HOT. *smile*

The girls are loving it too. Fully walking (and.I.mean.FULLY) and almost running all over God's green earth kinda loving it. We spend as much time out in the yard as possible. Sometimes it's a good 30 minutes and sometimes we're back inside within ten. They're just now starting to use their imagination, so the whole bored thing kicks in pretty swiftly still. So, to help with that, I keep a short little activities in mind for outside time so the fun and excitement can continue. It's important I think. Being cooped up inside can wear a lady down I tell ya!

So...since we've been outside more and playing outside more, I thought...Hmmm..I wonder if I could come up with a fun list of Summer-Outside activities for those families with a small budget or just wanting to not spend a fortune on Summer outings. Things you can do with your kids that are super cool, fun, and inexpensive but involve being outside and active, for a kid of any age.

That's where we are right now. Gas is too expensive to drive around everywhere. Trips home are, whew! Out. of. the. question. So we're staying here this summer. On our lot. At our house. In our yard. Playing and having a ball, the cheaper way.

My list?  I shot for 30 activities and really surprised myself.

1. water balloons: always a fun activity. Water + warm sunshine = Total FUN!
2. Shaving cream tables and doors: This will probably make my Moma laugh, but I remember in kindergarten when the teacher let us play with shaving cream to clean our tables. So much fun.
3. Mud pies
4. Pool time
5. Sand table: you might have one already but if not, they are super easy to make homemade.
6. Water bucket games: tossing Nerf balls into buckets of water like you would a ping pong ball into a goldfish bowl at the fair.
7. Plant flowers or veggies to tend to through out the summer
8. Fun Camp outs
9. Water gun/spray bottle painting
10. Obstacle courses: the ideas are endless for this one. Plus, kids love competing against each other.
11. Sprinklers: a cheap sprinkler = gallons of play time
12. Sidewalk chalk
13. Scavenger hunts: letters, themed items, and the list goes on and on
14. Watermelon seed competitions
15. Kick ball tournaments
16. Playhouse/swing sets
17. Bubbles: even those new colored bubbles...but beware! I've heard that they stain.
18. Races
19. Slip-N-Slides!!!
20. Learning to catch/kick the ball 20 out of 30 isn't so bad. I'm not going to lie either, some kids might and probably would get bored with some of these ideas. But most children will LOVE to participate in majority of them. Sometimes it's the simple things that kids love the most...and sometimes it's your company that keeps them there. So you're going to want to involve yourself in their summer instead of standing on the sidelines. Your attitude will make a big difference. Kids love to see their parents having fun, especially WITH them. If you're doing the whole "moan and groan" thing to playing outside and having silly fun, they're probably not going to be too keen on the idea either. Summer time is extremely short. At the beginning of every new school year you will always hear this phrase...

"Where did Summer go?"

Summer with the kiddos is that short time where you have full permission to let go, act crazy silly, childish and wild & zany right along with them. Enjoy it!

Not only will the warm summer time pass quickly, but so will this moment in their life where they think hanging out with Momma and Daddy in the backyard playing games is fun and exciting. It's a true statement.

So make your list. Be creative. Let go. And have a great summer without spending a fortune.

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  1. Fabulous list!! It is incredibly hot here too!

  2. What great ideas! I have one almost-two year old and I am definitely looking for more ideas to keep her more entertained. It's not that hot over here in upper Canada, but warm nonetheless. I'm just happy there's no more snow :).


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