Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recipes to Try #2

Welcome to week #2 of Recipes to Try. I'm working on a button to share, so maybe it'll be ready next week. It's been a super super busy week. The week just flew by and before I knew it, the weekend was here. Wow-za! So excited though!

We've been up to a lot of stuff and life is great. I have zero complaints about anything. The girls have been in an awesome mood this week even with a round of booster shots. Talk about surprised! This Moma was so proud that her babies were such big girls. time is passing by swiftly yall. Too swiftly I'm afraid. Somebody throw me my lasso so I can round up my babies and bring 'em back. *wink*

I found a few recipes that I thought sounded super yummy and will definitely be used soon. Maybe you'd like to take a peek ...hmmm?

No Bake Cookies

Beef Stew

We were fortunate enough that the base is offering a "parents day out" today. From 1pm-6pm they are offering free childcare at the base Preschool. I am SOOOO excited. Mike and I knew exactly what we were going to do as soon as we signed up.
Can you guess?
Do you need a hint?'s one...

How bout now?
You got it!!!

Mike and I will be sitting our happy bums on the Charleston sand for a few hours. This is our most dreamnt about moment...

we've longed to just sit. on. the. beach.

And now we finally will. I promise I'll return tomorrow with sweet stories of the waves and the sand. I'll share my relaxation with all of you. I promise!

No for real. I pray yall have a blessed weekend. Have fun. Love lots. God Bless

Sweet luvins!

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  1. How awesome that you get to go out together!! I hope you have a marvelous time!


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