Monday, August 15, 2011

An Adventurous Weekend

Oh, yall...we've has a blast this weekend. A great time for real. We didn't really do much, but we still had fun. Friday was welcomed with open arms. Oh and a delicious pizza from our local Italian restaurant just a minute down the road. Zee best!!! Nothing beats authentic fresh basil and mozzarella pizza...mmm...MMM!!! (sorry no suddenly disappeared before I managed to grab my camera..hmm?)

Speaking of basil...just when you think you have the heat has seriously killed your basil plant, think again. Did you know that basil spreads like wildflowers???

 Talk about fruit of your labor, or lack there of.

Saturday we ventured off to the Charleston harbour area to see what our new Trader Joe's was like. We pushed our way through a mob of people to see what they had. It was pretty much like the one in Raleigh, which we suspected. But thankfully it's about 5 1/2 hours closer.

Sunday was ruined by an unfortunate phone call from Mike's shop. This is a prime example of some of the things that I dislike about military system and the ways which squadrons are functioned. I disliked it when I served and still dislike it. Grrr! Anyhoo, a young airman received a DUI Saturday evening and the rest of his squadron had to report for his carelessness. A briefing to scold the undeserving ones. And to make it worse, that airman wasn't even there. Crazy isn't it!?!

He finally made it home 3 hours later. While he was gone though, the girls and I managed to wander outside and enjoy the calm before the BIG storm. Today's outside attire called for ...


We played and played. Got dirty in the garden.
Yeah..don't let Savannah's face fool you! She LOVES the dirt! Almost as much as her sister!

                           We picked some veggies to show Nana and Pa.

                 Attempted to share the middle portion of the wagon...silly sister rivalry.

While in the end, they each gave up and went their separate ways...

and met back for a quick chat...
Can you spot the moment where I tell Savannah no?
The girl knows better that's for sure.

Where is baby??

Miss Hope was enjoying playing hide and seek with me behind the pepper bush. Oh if could have captured that smile...your heart would melt like mine did!

After all was said in done, the time had arrived to mosey inside for a bubble bath.  A good 20 minute lively bath to wash away the dirt and fun from a moment of outside goodness. was no more than a second after their toes left the suds that the lighting struck and thunder rumbled the entire house. Just in time.
There's nothing more fun than watching the rain fall from the sky and the trees bend to-and-fro. Excitement all over their much fun!

We managed to make some homemade sandwich rolls for our supper while Daddy was on his way home. Mmmm...mmm were they yummy!

So...another fun week to toss in my basket full of memories. I'm so thankful for simple times and the fun we have by just being together as a family.
It's just lovely! 
Footloose and fancy free!

This week is going to be just a great I can simply feel it deep inside. I've already been grocery shopping, the menu is planned (look below), and I've some fun things in store for the ladies.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well. Sweet Luvins!!!

Beef Stew (recipe to post soon)
Honey Chicken (Just realized I've never shared this)
Chicken Lasagna Rolls (recipe to post soon)
Balsamic Grilled Chicken Kabobs
Chicken Quesadillas


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  1. It doesn't get much cuter than little in diapers.


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