Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Randoms

Saturday is here. Finally. I can honestly tell you that I've thoroughly enjoyed this week. WHile I haven't felt the best, I've had a great week. I've been tackled, hugged, drooled on, soaked, painted on, walked on, smooched, and have been on the recieving end on a thousand sugars (that's what we call kisses in our house). Doens't that just sound amazing!?!

After getting back from Flordia (which I'll share as soon as get all of my pictures from my Moma), it's been so crazy watching the girls. They grew up so much while we were gone and the change is interesting. No more babies, that's for sure!

Miss Savannah was the first to get a good ole' sratch on her knee. Tumbled out the front door in a race to the truck. She LOVES going places...   A few tears, but nothing major. She brushed it off and was back to normal within 5 seconds.

Sunday, we went to a wildlife reserve near by after church. We were checking it out for future camping trips, but no luck. We did find a little area to let the girls play and run around; which they thoroughly enjoyed. It was like letting animals out of their cages.
Hope playing pee-ka-boo with me and venturing off on her own.

Savannah being her normal self silly.

We attempted to snap some pictures. I'm beginning to think we'll never have a family photo. We never have an extra person around. Oh well...these are a prime example of how quickly children lose their concentration.

It was so nice to get out and about. The girls absolutely love being outside and I'm in love with that idea. It makes the future that much brighter...Mike and I are already of dreaming of family camping trips, fishing adventures, vacays to the mountains...just like when we were growing up.

Doesn't this place look so peaceful?
I would love to grab a book, blanket, lemonaide and a shaded spot to curl up for hours.

On a different and more tropical note....say hello to our new adventure. You'll hear more about it next week. But for now....
I'm off to enjoy our day. I pray you do the same. Happy Friday to yall and sweet luvins!

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