Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Take Me to the Seaside

I've always loved distressed wooden signs. There's something so cool about them. Well, when the builders put up our new fence a whiiiiiiiile back, they graciously left a few of the remains for me! I showed  my small stash here, but in case you missed it...tada!!!

The wood has naturally aged thanks to the weather here in South Carolina. Rain, sun, heat, cold...it's been through it all!

I got the urge to craft the other day and decided to make a sign to put inside.

I already had a spot picked out I just needed some inspiration so I went here...Pinterest!!

So after finding  just a few ideas to spark the creativity, I grabbed my spray paint and got at it! The combination of nap time and a beautiful means this lil' Moma MUST GO OUTSIDE!!!

 I quickly realized the paint was soaking into the wood. I was a little worried at first!

I kept at it though and quickly realized what was happening. Because the wood was soaking up so much paint, it was allowing the grain to pop and I was loving it! It almost has an iridescent look to it that doesn't show up in any of my pictures. It's really cool though!

After painting it and letting it dry, I brought it inside to add my word to it. Yes, I did pull out the nail that's in this picture...no worries!

I was going to look for a font online to use, but I decided to wing it. I'm not an artist by no means, but I figured I could do ok. With some white paint mixed in with a bit of turquoise, I came up with a great color combination. A little cursive, a few waves, and there we have it!

Welcome to the


I love this sign. It cost me pretty much notta to make. I had all of the supplies on hand. I think the transformation of a once fence slat turned seaside glory is pretty awesome. It has a rough yet soft touch that will be perfect above my kitchen sink.

It's not very often that I find time to start and finish a project. I was really glad that I was able to finish this one. Now if I can just get it hung on the wall...

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I'll add more when I find more. Happy Tuesday to ya!


  1. Good Morning sweetie...
    Oh my gosh I am so in love with your signs. What a deal to get scrap wood from left behinds. They are the best.

    I love the one you painted seaside on with the waves. SO priceless. You did an awesome job.

    We just tore down some fence as well, and before the city picks up the trash, I believe I will be having DH cut me up some boards as well. You have inspired me to create. Thank you sweet friend.

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  2. Absolutely love it!! Great job free-handing! I'm not that brave!

    I make lots of beach signs too, but use my Silhouette machine to cut stencils! :)

    Super jealous of the "free" wood! Great job making use of it! I'm sure you can think of lots of fabulous ideas for the rest of it!

  3. Hi Kristen. It turned out perfect. Thanks for sharing it so we can all be inspired.

    Hugs...Tracy :)


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