Thursday, August 11, 2011

Full Disclosure: Kitchen Sink Area Part 2

 I've been working on many projects lately. Too many at one time for such a busy Moma, so I've had to pick 1 or 2 and stick with them. Unfortunately, the kitchen sink area has been not so important until now. I know I told you about our problem we faced a couple of weeks's been fixed.

However, area around the sink has yet to experience that luxury. Having the things I need to clean and tend to the kitchen here and there is seriously driving me bonkers. It's time to devour the mess and move on.

I'm sort of limited to the storage pieces that I can use in this space because the pipes and such are so wonky-ily place. But, I can't change it so I have to work around them.  They do have this nifty little shelf that fits around pipes and such, but's $20 and I'm looking to spend $0.

I took everything that was left under the sink and wiped down the boards. There was a littel bit of water damage, so I knew I wanted to cover it up somehow.

During a trip to Target, I picked up two things...

Number 1- this roll of contact paper. I thought it would look great in the space. The green really caught my attention. It makes it feel so clean and tidy. It took me a good 15 minutes to get the paper straight and the bubbles pressed out. The girls offered their assistance several times...I let them :)

Number 2- This cutie of a container. I wanted a cute jar to hold my dishwasher soap instead of having a box sitting there. This was perfect at $5.

So...after quite a long is finally finished. I have a neater looking undersink world that makes this Moma totally happy!

Now the only things that will reside there are the necessities.
Wash cloths, dish soap, scrubbies, trash bags, and the dish rack.
That. Is. All.

I took a quick shopping trip around the house for the rest of the items... total success! My little blue basket was the perfect size to hold my wash cloths and counter sprays. In an attempt to simplify things, I tossed a lot of my older wash cloths. You only need a few. The basket will help keep me in check.

I pulled one of my vintage bowls to hold my scrubbies.

With a littel effort, I finally have a cleaner kitchen sink area.

 It definitely took me long anough...why so long, I don't know. Maybe it's thanks to these ladies...

At a total of $12 (if you don't count the cost of Mr. Disposal) I'm loving this frugal renovation!!!!

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  1. That looks great! I love organizing and sometimes under the sink is one of the last places to truly organize.

  2. Wonderful! I always forget under the kitchen sink. You've inspired me today, friend!


  3. what an improvement! my husband would be over the moon happy if i did this. visiting from DiaperDiaries ~ happy TILT!


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