Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh...The Beach

This weekend was amazing. They only seem to be getting better as they pass by. We're able to do more, go more places, see new things, and truly enjoy being together. I feel like I'm always repeating myself, but I am honestly so very grateful for the blessings that the Lord has given me.

This was the first time we've gone to this beach. There was no one there...until about 11 a.m. The ride to and home was so much more relaxed and the scenery was beautiful. Straight through the old oak trees of South city scenery in sight. This is our new favorite spot!

Some days I find myself wondering if my girls will look back on all the moments we spent as a family and treasure them the way I do mine. Will they look at is a a treasured experience or as a bother to be with the parents? (Talking more so with age)

Will they relish in the simplicities that we tried to instill in their hearts?

Will they desire to be this close always?

Will they always allow their silliness and loving personalities shine through the way they do today?

These are the moments that I wish I could rewind and experience all over again. We all let go and had the best time just playing and getting sand from head to toe.

It seems like this is what the beach is meant for. Life can be chaotic, plans can begin to bleed together because you've allowed it that way...but the beach.

 It's as if the moment your toes hit that sand, the worries and stress wash away with each wave that rolls in. Because there is no "plan" to the beach. No boundaries, no lines, no limitations.


  1. Oh my goodness, they're so adorable! I love baby bums in swimsuits!! These are precious, irreplaceable times as a family. They might not remember this particular trip, but it won't be long and they'll remember all sorts of fun things you did together.

    Blessings to you today, my friend!

  2. Jealous!!!... the beach looks like so much fun! What a great family day. I LOVE the 1st picture of the back of them. For some reason I saw it and envisioned it framed in your sea shell bathroom. Too personal? I know, can't help it. HAPPY MONDAY!


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