Thursday, September 8, 2011

Full Disclosure: Media Intervention Part 2

Oh a couple of weeks ago, I shared my aggravating media issues. Hello intervention to my rescue! After putting it off for so long, I am pleases with the final look of it all.

I left off with this. A basket of all the essentials for tackling my mess.

A nap time spent getting to the rest of it all left me with a nice and leaner look.
Good Morning Clean.
For now that is....

It wasn't as time consuming as I had first thought. Yes it did take two nap times but who's counting?

Our huge collection of what not movies looks so tiny now and I heart it! I kept the girls Baby Einstein DVDs in the black case even though they don't really watch them anymore. Who knows? Save 'em for a rainy day or something nice.
To keep my husband from going insane thanks to another one of my OCD moves on top of what movies we have and don't have, I wrote out a list of the movies and put it in a separate sleeve in the front. A frustration prevention if you ask.

I threw most of the movie cases away, because honestly, most of our movies are old. I think we're starting to show our age by selections. *frown* I kept the cases for the kids' movies. Those will be essential for resale down the road...down down down the road.

The games got their own box in addition to the Christmas Classics. That's a lousy collection don't you think. For something sooo "needed," it hardly gets used. *smirk*

So here is how the labels rolled out.

 Movie Central - most of the movies
Kids Movies - mostly empty cases
Games - the hardly ever played with wonderful tiny game collection
Miscellaneous - home to all things odd and end like 


After a little bit of dedicated time to an aggravating mess, our media issues went from this.....

Sloppy and easy access for little hands.

To a lovely this...

Sleek intervention and hard to get in to. Don't mind the dust. Tomorrow is cleaning day for us.

Happy Thursday!!

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  1. I love it. I've done the same thing. I just love to hide the clutter.



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