Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Decor On A Budget

A woman on a budget. That's me. A very strict one indeed. There is no room for wiggles. No room for error. With Fall here finally, the decorator that lives waaaay deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside of me is begging to resurface, but the woman on a budget won't allow for it. She knows how deceiving that decorator can be. So she's all on her own this year for seasonal decor.

No stores. No spending. Nothing new.
Is it possible? I believe so.
Now this is the kind of talk that my husband loves, especially lately.

This week I got the urge to take a deep breathe and sprinkle fall through out the house. I managed to decorate my house without spending a dime and all during the 2 hour nap window my girls give me everyday. It all started with the mantle. I knew I wanted something up there but didn't know what for sure. So I walked though the house and saw this...

I grabbed a few other few other things out of my craft supplies to whip up some fall decor
  I had two baskets, my wedding bouquet, some orange and natural straw, burlap, pillow stuffing, leftover ribbon and some extra sunflowers.
I thew together the little basket decor to sit in the middle of the mantle. I left most of the other stuff up there. I literally wanted just a hint of fall decor, not a lot.  The flowers are actually the bouquet from my wedding. I simply placed it in the basket and tucked in some straw accent around it. With a little tilt, it's just right.

I took the other basket and filled it half way with the pillow stuffing, since I didn't have that many flowers. I then took the burlap and folded it over the front for an accent.

I covered it all with the straw and just stuck the flowers in here and there.

I took that leftover ribbon and made a quick bow and added some accent leaves and tied it to the front.
Now it sits at the end of the bar, nestled in front of the large orange "B" I got not too long ago.

With about 30 minutes left of nap time, I decided to try one more thing. I found these wreaths at the Airman's Attic a long time ago and have been waiting to fit them in somewhere. I knew I wanted to be able to reuse them so I use safety pins to create a double wreath.

Now it hangs next to the fireplace and I think it looks good. With the leaf garland I made last year, I'm hoping it doesn't look too tacky.

I think I did pretty good. No money. No splurging, All made from what I had on hand. Frugally done. Yay!
But my favorite part is that I can take it all apart and reuses it for something else. *Sigh of relief*

And remember the mulit-use wreath I made for my door?

Well that was put up too... along with the lantern wreath from last year. 

And that's it!
All on a budget...a zero budget.

It won't be too long before we'll be pulling the Christmas tree down....but I'm enjoying the simplicity of this season. How bout you?


  1. Cute! Nice work, using what you have - that's always my favorite!!

  2. Great job! I particularly love the double wreath with the give thanks bunting. So cute. Blessings...
    Saved By Love Creations


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