Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Back...We're Back!

We went on a short hippity hop up north to breath in the fresh air that Fall had to offer. It was amazing. Up to Maryland...up and over the Chesapeake Bay...through the never ending love of farm lands...up to the childhood home of my wonderful husband. The Barretts went north...

My soul was rejuvenated and we had the most amazing time. I have loads of pictures to share...the cord to my camera is packed still so the only thing I have to offer are some silly clips that I took with my phone.

Cliche? Yes. But pictures just don't do it. Especially when they're taken with a phone. But the majestic beauty of this northern land seriously says, "God is with us!" He's everywhere up there and I was taken by it all. Even this little soybean field .

We've been up there before, last Christmas and a time before that (before I started blogging), but this time there was no snow. The ground was green and the leaves were starting their wardrobe change. There were acres of corn waiting for harvest. Fields of soy beans slowly turning yellow. Hills and hills that lead you to the Amish country. Antique stores beckoning my name. Awhhhh...the sweet sound of antiques. It's just lovely.

And just for sweet silly goodness, someone little and sugar coated is learning to use Moma's phone. Caught in action can't we say.
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We're back though. Ready to move forward and tackle the routine that sat patiently while we were gone. What a nice breather though. I'm wishing yall have a blessed Monday and can face it with as much "ooh and awh" as I am right now.

Happy Monday!


  1. Lovely. I love that feeling of being in the midst of all those farmlands.

  2. I missed you, girl!! SO glad you got away and had a great time! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  3. So glad you had a wonderful trip. I'm a sucker for farmland photos.


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