Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Full Disclosure: The Girls' Playroom

FYI: I found my camera cord. Vacation pictures are being edited as you're reading this. Show and Tell will occur tomorrow. YAY!!!

But for now...a little playroom reveal that I've had planned.



 I've mentioned several times in the past that I was planning to put a  playroom together for my ladies. A year later I'm finally finished with this whole project. I think with the age that the girls are at now, Daddy has finally realized that football season will not be possible without a room for the girls to escape to. Therefore, he stepped in to help. Uh huh! I love it!

Here are some sneak peeks at what I was working with along the way. The girls continued to play in there despite the mess. I think they actually prefer it that way. Kids! Things have been switched around and rearranged several times. It takes seeing it to know how you really want it organized.

WARNING: Messy area!!!

After all the waiting, it's all done. I'm sure there will be additions here and there, but the functionality of the room is in full force. Let me just say...it's definitely worth the wait and time spent.

Here's what you see when you walk in.

We took two 9 cube organizers and stacked them on top of each other. This allows the girls to access their toys on the bottom section leaving the top section for toys that are meant to be kept for together time and my stuff as well.

I like to keep the toys sorted by types and themes.

 Each week, I'll switch out the baskets with different types of manipulative's. This week we have from left to right: texture, books, lace cards, blocks, peekaboo blocks, and dress up items. Labels will be coming soon. I also have extra baskets, because sometimes you they need their own. It's called picking your battles with twins.

Up top, is some of my stuff. I made some magazine boxes for coloring sheets, paper and such. The turquoise box holds my recent sewing projects and the #4 box was actually headed to the trash one day until the girls decided it was the perfect boat for baby. Needless to say, we saved it.

Under the window, there is a crate holding most of their stuffed animals and small places toys. The collection is small for now. I like it this way. And you see that silly penguin? Well, just when you think they don't play with a toy anymore...they become best friends with it. Hope is currently dragging this thing all over the house like it's her BFF. So, he's staying too. (for now)

To the left of the window is their little comfy nook. Daddy spends a lot of time laying here when he's playing with them. I'm sure they'll sit there more when they learn to read.

For now, reading is a walking action. Eventually we hope to find a good deal on a modern style futon so they can have somewhere to sit. Hopefully.  I made this twig mobile with felt circles to hang in the corner. I love it. It's really colorful and eye catching. I did have it hanging in the center of the room, but even me being the shorty that I am kept bumping into it. Not cool.

The center wall is home to my scrabble set. I got the idea off of Pinterest a long time ago and finally took the time, nap time that is, to conquer it. Definitely far from perfect or even fancy, but I love it.

I saved this corner for the "house" area. My old baby cradle, their Craigslist kitchen, the free Airman's Attic doll stroller, and Mike's old toddler table set makes for the best little house. The easel acts as a separation barrier from the little reading nook.

On the wall, I had Mike hang two shelves so I could display a few things. My butterfly project made it's home here in addition to some other felt and twig projects and one of my favorite pictures.

I really wanted to buy some large vintage styled flashcards to hang up, but realized that with the bright colors that I was already working with, they wouldn't work. I found a pack of scrapbook letters at Michael's a looooong time ago and it hit me one day to use them.   They were originally on the scrabble wall, but I moved them. I think they work here better.

This wall is the parking lot. During the day, these items are never parked straight if they're parked at all. Usually they're making traffic jams down the hallway and kitchen. Toddler drivers...ugh!

Above the parking lot is our future TV wall. We haven't enough saved yet to buy, but we're getting there. For now, it's home to art displays and DIY cork boards.  

Our future TV will go in the empty space.

So there you have it. Our new and revised playroom. It's not fancy. It's functional and playful which is exactly what a "playroom" should be. I have no fear that the girls are safe when they go in there by themselves (which is all the time!) and that's a good thing.

I'm sure down the road, things will be rearranged to a better liking and new things will make way for the old things moving on. But I am so happy that the girls finally have a room to call their own.

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  1. I LOVE how it turned out!!!! Do the girls like the lace cards? I've been looking for some for Lily, but haven't found any yet. I didn't know what age they were best for. You did a great job!!


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