Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Blessed Routine

We're there. We have officially arrived to that point in a marriage when routine grabs you by the neck and spins you around like a chicken up for eating? Ok, I know that's a brutal image, but honestly, that's what I just pictured so I'm being truthful with you here on my outlook.

We're there. Well, we were there.

Dont' get me wrong, routine is good. I'm a Moma to twin toddlers. I'm telling you it's a mah-va-lous invention. Not only does routine keep mischievous toddlers at bay, but it helps soften the undertow we call life from sweeping you up in it's blunder just to spit you out and do it all again. It keeps the heart sound and mind sane. In most occasions.

But there are times when the routine can become the actual undertow and before you realize it, you're running a rat race in your most intimate settings instead of partaking in the beauty of it all.

I started to realize all of this after I had my surgery. Yes, even the smallest surgeries can open eyes to amazing wonders. Some just smaller than others. And I'm going to go ahead and assure my Moma that all is well in the heart and home. I'm just doing a heart pour out for further eye awakening. So no need for panic.

-Good Morning.
-The in between.
-Daddy's home.

-Bed time for kids.
-Bed time for us.
**Please repeat 6 more times.
Than do it all over again

Anyhoo...For about five days I literally sat back and enjoyed front row seats to the most majestic and magical play ever written. The life of our family. There were many scenes, some more pleasurable than others, but all precious in there own way.

Tickle fights, tantrums, wrestling matches, a warm hand to hold.....

"This is how you do it Daddy!"

..... sweet hugs, lessons taught (mostly by the kiddos in reference to the picture above), kisses....

..... snuggles, and the cutest little toddler jabber I've ever heard. It was amazing.

Watching all of this brought me to the realization that this is all too precious and how much we've been overlooking it's splendor due to the race of our routine.

It wears you down and it isn't until you come for air and can't find it that you realize the toll it's taking on not only you but your family. We, fortunate enough, are on the upward end of it all. We realized, planned, and are now in the midst of the conquer with no fail in sight. Even with the cold and wet weather keeping us from outside play time, we're pressing forward with full intentions to win this routine blah battle.

And before you go "awh gross!" on me, the hubs has informed me that my basic training sweatpants and over sized t-shirt, messy pony tail and worn out slippers are very becoming of me. *blush* He even flirted with me a bit. Makes my heart go pitter-patter for him.

Really, though, we're laughing and flirting like back in the day. I've been laughing so much that I'm scared I'm gonna pee my pants. That's a big AH-hah moment right there. Even little things like this got lost in the race. We're a perfect team and I L-O-V-E him beyond measure. I'm so happy that we were able to see this and change it up. Hopefully...next time....our routine rut will be a bit more  evident.

Do you or have you ever gotten so routine like that you miss out on the little happenings that used to be so special?

Call Me Blessed


  1. Love this heart pour-out! So good to realize how routine can make you miss out, and so glad you are pushing beyond it :)

  2. what a crazy season of life it is with small children. I can relate so much to what you wrote. I thrive on routine, but I also know the benefit of throwing it out the window and living in the moment.

  3. I 100% agree with this! Sometimes we get so comfortable in our routine that when changes actually do happen it can really throw us off. Way to push through and carry on :)

  4. Hey Kristen! I love getting to read about your day to day life and being able to see pics of the girls as they grow up. . .hopefully we'll get to see you the next time we come up!

  5. when my kids were younger we totally got lost in our routine. it still happens but, not as often. we allow ourselves to revel in the moment. the kids have grown super fast and before we know it it'll be just us again. so yeah we better keep flirtin. :)
    great post!


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