Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Such Occasion

A friend of Mike's is getting married in Janurary. There's a huge chance that we'll be making a trip up to Maryland to join in on the celebration and festivities of such occasion.

I'm hanging on the fence midway about the whole thing.

Wedding x (January + Maryland) = Usually pretty cold!
Wedding + The Hubs & I = Shopping trip for appropriate attire
The Littles + 12 hour drive = Proclaimed Insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wedding + Me = Getting dolled up *squeal!*
Wedding + Family = Little Reunion
Wedding + The Littles = Parents night out
Wedding + Upscale = Really nice evening

So that's my arguement. We're not for sure about the trip yet. Military events might make there own intervention, but come what may. I'd like to be prepared. Here are my thoughts.

A venue such as this....
...deserves some well suited fancies, don't you think so?

Maybe some dots and ruffles...

...some red flair

...a lady-like up-do
somewhere on pinterest...i lost the pin :(

...some classy kicks

...and something to keep my walkers warm.

What do you think? Is this appropriate for a "movie rated" wedding? Honest opinions are up for grabs friends.

and just to warm your heart...some sibbling cuddles...

Is that not the sweatest thing ever?!?
I think they might be best friends.

Happy Wednesday Yall!
Sweet Luvins!

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I love hearing from friends. Tell me what you think..God bless!

But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more Psalm 71:14