Monday, December 12, 2011

My Heart... full of a week's worth of amazing love.

I've been in the midst of a recovery this week. Soreness and discomfort combined with the desire to swoop my precious lovelies up-up and away has been my only agenda. I've devoured the world that sits in front of me with every breath and all my being. That's what it takes to jump back into the groove.
Thank you to all of you that sent me re-coop wishes and many prayers. I've felt them and I love yall for them even more so than I did before. Sweet bloggy friends! You make me blush. re-coop buddy

Snacking with Daddy, handmade dolls, snuggles with Moma, homemade donuts, sweet Bella girl, snuggles with my Hank, chipmunk cheeks, chilling to some sweet praise music...together.
Sweet Blessings all Around!

My Mother-in-law came down to help with the lovelies. The hubs took off too, but he was gracious for her dedicated assistance. The girls kept both of them busy while I took full advantage of my seat on the couch.

Yep..that's me on the couch. Full admiration for front row seats to the wrestling match.

Knowing that they were being entertained taken care of and played with helped me fully relax.

The girls call her Mommaw. She's a true picture of whole sweetness if I've ever seen one. I think she enjoyed her little moments with the lovelies.

They did an early Christmas with her since she was here to be with them. Toys were everywhere. Love was over flowing the spaces in the living room into the nooks and crannies of the house. It was so special. Giggles, excitement, extravagant "wow!'s" and "amen!'s" .

We went to church yesterday.
We dropped off our Angel Child's bag at the bottom of the Christmas tree.
The girls were confused.
 They'll understand the meaning of giving one day.

 This was our attempt for a picture for a Christmas card...

Maybe next year *sigh*

Christmas is soon. What are you're plans?

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  1. Glad your MIL could come visit (and help!) and enjoy an early Christmas with you guys! Praying your recovery would continue well!

  2. Awesome full post, just loved it!

  3. Look at those cute girls. So glad your MIL could come and help..and the girls got to celebrate an early Christmas. hope you are feeling better!


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