Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Sparkles

Last night, we got a wild hair and jumped in the truck to go do something fun and spontaneous with the Littles. If you know me and how we function as a family, we're ones that enjoy a plan. Preparedness is key when handling the minds of twin girls. It helps with those instantaneous meltdowns. But last night, we dropped anything that had to do with a plan and just flew off to see something so special.

We were so excited that we even forgot to feed the girls supper, so we made a pit stop at Moo-Fil-A *smile* and gobbled up some chicken. Then off we went to see the magic of the night.

Do you see the size of my sandwhich!?!
Don't think that I only ate half, I ate the WHOLE THING!!!
Oh YEAH!!!

* * * * * * *
Charleston, South Carolina.

It was radiant with Christmas sparkles and Holiday cheer. The Littles were amazed with bright eyes of wonder. It was so much fun.

There was a mixture of light arrangements.

Noah's Ark was one of my favorite.

But I think the Littles enjoyed the tunnel of icicles the most. A long tunnel of "wow!'s" and big, "Where'd it go!?!" at the end.

I'm sorry for the blurriness. It was easy getting some of these pictures, for we were driving through the festival. Movement and pictures does not mesh. And I'm not even a photographer.

We ended up getting home around 9:30 which for the Littles is pretty late. They were pooped and we were too. I feel so old these days. Anything past 8 is late for me. So...yeah...I ended up falling asleep on the couch. Oh well.

So I hope everyone has a blessed Friday. Enjoy your shopping. I'm done. Yay! Now to enjoy the joy of the season with my Littles. We're going to jump.

Sweet Luvins!!!


  1. What a fun evening! Lily just loves looking at the lights when we're driving around.

  2. The pictures look great! I hope that we get to see you all around Christmas, but the fact that it falls on a Sunday complicates everything.
    We'll be sending the girls a package for Christmas anyways(hopefully by Monday, but who knows).
    Got to have lunch with your grandparents yesterday. It was nice, one to get to spend time with them but also to have the impetus to clean house! :)
    Hope to see you guys soon, and if not MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


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