Thursday, December 8, 2011

Welcome Christmas

I had surgery on Monday.
Nothing major, but necessary.
I know I didn't say anything,'s ok. I promise.

In knowing this was going to happen, I did simple for decoration this year.

The tree went up Thanksgiving weekend. Just enough to sparkle.
The girls learned quick not to we hear a lot of "wow!" and "ooh's!"

Our tree is topped with the star we had on our very first tree. I love it.
It doesn't light up, but it's special.

We hung our ornaments with care. No, literally.

The snowmen are corralled on our green dresser in the living room alongside the bottles from last years Christmas mantle setup.

The girls added their own sparkle to the walls. Look hard and you might see the crayon markings.'s a work in progress.
Our elves our placed on the mantle, or shelf, per say. Waiting for some girls to keep an eye on.

The garland is something I whipped up one day during recess. *smile* A tutorial will follow.

and the only other thing you might see that resembles Christmas decor is the amazing lady wrapping up some presents...she's here helping with my recovery and all. She's precious, ya'll, for real!
She's quick. *giggle*

It's not much this year, but it's enough. It helps to remember the focus of the season. The girls can ooh and awh over the real reason for such a wonderful celebration.

Sweet Luvins to everyone.

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  1. Linking up after you on Gussy...I think you did a beautiful job decorating your home! I like how you mentioned keeping it simple reminds us of the real reason for Christmas. Hope you're feeling better after surgery. :-)

  2. Oh my gosh! I hope you are okay and recovering quickly. Lots of love sent your way!

  3. I love the sparkling tree and the candles!

    Stopping by from gussy!

  4. Oh girl! I hope you are ok and recovering well!! Wish we lived closer - the girls could've come over to play! :) Love your decorations!!

  5. Can't believe I haven't gotten over here this week! I'm so sorry! I'm glad your surgery was easy (as far as surgeries go) and am praying for a full and quick recovery. Wish we were closer. I would have loved to bring dinner over to you all.

    Love the decor... Keep it simple, sweetie, as my college Anatomy prof. always said to me. Well done! It looks homey and inviting. Perfect.

  6. Oh I hope you are well! I am praying for speedy recovery!

  7. Get well! Love your site...I'm a new follower. Stop by and visit and follow too....when you recover. Warm wishes

  8. i love those twine wrapped jars on the mantle!


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