Thursday, January 19, 2012

2 for 2

Bright and early we started the girls' birthday with chocolate chip cookies. I pulled the chairs up and let them at it. They measured and scooped. Spilled and poured.

Can you see their shirts? Do you see Hope's face?
Covered in flour and brown sugar. Priceless!

I was going to save this craft for later on, but because the weather wasn't the greatest we did it anyways. A little Valentines craft for the birthday girls.

Some red paint, glitter, a few hearts...all added up to some pretty cute remnants.

Once Daddy got home, we ordered pizza and devoured it. The girls were so excited! They love pizza. Once they saw me bring out their presents I couldn't keep them away. We called Nana and Pa on Skype so they could watch.

Farm toys, tiaras, puzzles, a cd player for their room, tu-tu's, a tractor, and money to Wal-Mart...
these girls had it made!!

My favorite picture...

This year I made a simple cake for them. I skipped the chocolate to keep from having a meltdown like before. A sweet confetti cake with strawberry icing. Mmm...mmm!
Their cake was gone within seconds!

They got baths to wash all the icing out of their hair and we attempted to wind down from the sugar rush. The hubs and I agree that it's so hard to imagine that they're two already. Reality or not. We don't know what this year has in store for them. The mountains they'll climb or endeavors they'll endure...but we sure know that the Lord has given us two beautiful ladies that make our hearts so incredibly full.

Happy Birthday my Littles!! 


  1. You are such a good sport! I have to admit that sometimes I wince at the thought of having some of my kiddos in the kitchen with me (though Livy is actually really good in there). Looks like everyone had a fantastic day, especially Daddy as he's modeling the tiara. Oh, the joys of being the only boy in the house...

  2. OH!!! Looks like a fabulous day! Love all the fun things you did with them!!

  3. Happy birthday sweet girls! It looks like the day was a total success. I love how patient you always seem to be with your girls. I admit as well, I like my kitchen to myself most days. ;)
    Oh, and I LOVE the new hair-do btw!

  4. Hi Kristen Sweetie...
    Happy Birthday to Savannah and Hope. They look absolutely precious, and my how they have grown. Seems like only yesterday you had the girls, they were so tiny and look at how much they have grown? I love their little faces and they look so sweet in their little outfits. You and DH have done a beautiful job raising the girls.

    Love the photo of them making cookies the best. Those crowns are TDF. Love, LOVE, love the crowns. 3 Princess(es).

    Have a gorgeous evening sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  5. What a fun day! They look so happy :)



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