Monday, January 23, 2012

Faith, Family, and Food.

This week. Oh boy this week.
If it's anything like last week, Lord help me. All wise and experienced send words of encouragement and most often heard phrase, "it's just a phase." One that I'm experiencing full forced and open heartedly, yet ready to learn from and move forward. I also bought a book. It's amazing!!! I needed it too. If you haven't read it, you should consider. Especially if you feel bogged down by the devil lately. He's such a trickster!!

While I take their advice and run with it, I have been doing some leaning on my one true support, Jesus Christ. I can sing to Him, cry to Him, laugh to Him, and just be with Him. And that is the most amazing comfort a lost Moma can ever receive.

This weekend was very rejuvenating for all of us. We enjoyed some needed family bonding. After being cooped up all last week, the Little's played outside till they were exhausted. Well, we all played outside till we were exhausted. We grilled some good food and filled out bellies to the brim.

The rain came back on Sunday and gave us a reason to be lazy and enjoy the warmth of the couch. We ate and ate...cookies, popcorn, carrots, PB and the end of the night my belly was aching. But man was it a fun day.

We got out taxes done and started making a list of all the things we could use the money for. My husband has a dream...of getting a boat. I have a dream of zero debt and home improvement projects...small ones. *wink*
We'll see who wins.

Our Hank boy started moaning again this weekend. A sign of back discomfort which calls for a trip to the vet. Praying his back isn't worse this time. He's my buddy and I hate seeing him hurt so bad.

We made some oh so good Italian meatballs on Friday. Tossed them in the freezer for quick and easy meals.
So good! So good! So good!

Here's my recipe:
(Disclosure: I'm very far from being Italian, so this is just my take on the subject)

Italian Meatballs
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

1/3 pound ground beef
1 pound ground turkey
1 pound ground chicken
2 t oregano
1/2 T basil
1/2 T dry onions
1/2 T garlic powder
1/2 T salt
1/2 T pepper

Mix together. Form meatballs. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until cooked through.
I ended up with 58 total.

 Oh and because I'm feeling oh so happy this morning......


  1. First of all, love this song! Definitely the high point of this movie. So happy you had a great weekend with stuffed bellies and happy girls.

    As for "it's just a phase", that's only kinda helpful. It still doesn't make it easy to actually go through. Praying for you, my friend.

  2. YAY FOR SISTER ACT!. . .the Happy Day song from Sister Act 2 is the song I personally turn to when I'm feeling particularly down. . .and mom and I are definitely going to try out your meatball recipe!! :)
    Love you, and praying for you all!

  3. Praying for you sweet friend. I know exactly what you mean about it's just a phase. Love that book! Just got finished reading another book by her - Creative Counterpart. Also very good!


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