Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fanciness in the Random

The guys have been working up a storm on little miscellaneous projects. When Pa Pah visits, it's almost a tradition to have two or three projects lined up. 

This visit it has been a little bit of yard sprucing, putting fans in the playroom and the girls rooms, adding some light to the kitchen, and wearing out the little monkeys. 

Sometimes, to keep them out of everyone's harms way, you have to spend everything you've got (which is just the cost of thinking on the fly) on some one of a kind head pieces. 
The fanciest of sorts. 

Hours of the most silliest play I've ever seen!!!

Sometimes in life, it's the simplest, unusual, and most random things that bring the most pleasure. 

And in yesterday's case, it's a flashlight head piece found in the garage.


  1. Yay for getting projects done! Isn't it great what little things can keep kids occupied?!

  2. Head lamps are always a huge hit around here, too.

    Seriously love the picture of one of the guys on the ladder and one of the girls peering up at him. Total cuteness!!

    And double yay for Pa Pah coming and projects done. Ah, it feels so good!


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