Friday, March 2, 2012

Giving In

Several times we've been to Lowe's and Home Depot this week. It's a given when Pa Pah's in town. This trip, though, he got his first dose of the grandchildren guilt trip. They laid it on him really thick.

At the check out counter in the garden center sat the cutest little animals. Plant the seeds, water them, and watch their hair grow. Nothing too amazing. All the girls wanted was a dog and a cow-cow. So they fussed and begged. Cried to their Pa Pah for the doggie and cow-cow. 

Guess who gave in? 

Wednesday afternoon, since we were working outside, the girls and I sat down and planted the hair for their little animals. They were so excited!

They helped me put the dirt inside, they dropped the seeds in the planters, and even helped water.

The little animals are really pathetic, but so cute. The dog looks like Bella in my opinion and the cow looks sad, according to Mike. We'll do a bi-weekly update on them so you can watch their hair grow with us. 

For now they sit on the deck, patiently waiting for their little farmers to come and feed them each day. 

I have been in his shoes many a times in the store. The girls have gotten really good at listening to me when they get sucked into the "oh so pretty mini Barbie" doll that is so graciously hanging at toddler eye level. We work through the fits over those arbitrary things and learn that they're just things that hold no importance. One to two minutes out of the store they're forgotten about them anyways. 

 Sometimes, it's ok though. Sometimes they deserve it because they've gone through an entire trip to the grocery store without saying a single peep. Sometimes, it's ok to give in as long as you know when to stick to your guns and what battles to pick. 

This was a battle that I chose not to even participate in because in this case, it was all Pa Pah and he can give in all he wants because he's Pa Pah. 

The End. 

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  1. Yep! I agree! I try really hard to not give in, but sometimes, when it's their Bibi or Babu, they get to, because they are the grandparents and can spoil the heck out of the babes! Too cute!


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