Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saying Bye

 We said bye-bye this morning. Pa Pah made his way back to Maryland with a week full of girly memories stashed in his pocket. The girls were more aware of what was happening this time. They knew he wasn't coming back and it broke my heart to hear them tell him bye bye... 

"bye bye ai-ur pwane! bye bye pa-pah!"

A sweet and sour moment. No one likes to say bye, ever. 

This week was fun though. 
We went to the aquarium and saw some fish. 

Went out to eat at Logan's and the Littles acted like big girls. This was the first time they've drank out of a cup like that by themselves. (I know, I'm a horrible!) We only had one spill so I think we can call that a success. 

We worked in the front yard getting everything ready for spring flowers. Pa Pah bought the girls their own gloves and garden tools. They were so excited and couldn't help to help him out.

We also welcomed 3 little chicks to the family. They're so incredibly adorable!!!! I'll share more about them later...we're still deciding on names. Ha!

We steamed some crabs for our final hoo-rah! The girls were in awh. 

His last day, the girls jumped, and played, and helped around the house burning all the energy they had left.

At the end of the day, they were all pooped..even Pa Pah. Ready to crash into a deep sleep. 

We had some great fun. We stayed busy. We got a lot of things accomplished thanks to his handy work.
So happy Pa Pah was able to visit. 
We miss him already!!!

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  1. Aw, so sweet! There sure is something special about Pa Pahs in general. Such sweet, sweet memories for all of you.


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