Monday, March 5, 2012

Step Back and Go

While Mike's Dad was here, there were a lot of things that were put to the side. I honestly did not clean anything in our house for the entire week with the exception of the kitchen. No joke. But to be even more truthful, it felt good. So amazingly good. 

Good to be ... whatever.
Good to go ... with the flow. 
Good to be ... a part of the fun.

For the first time, I felt so free. I found comfort in the outside Seriously. In the garden, in the front flower bed, 

Even after he left, I sat quietly inside (as quiet as our house gets) and just enjoyed being. There's dust on my shelves, there's bits of ceiling and trash on the playroom floor (from putting up fans), there's a pile of clothes that shows no end, and the random things that are sitting through out the house here and there are kind of sort of starting to drive me crazy, but that's OK. Because for once I let it all go which is far from easy for me, but you know...


Almost as much as I love my girls' perfectly inherited side-eye glance. She's almost perfected it. *smile*

 After such an amazing week of enjoying it all, I think I'm going to move forward with this new outlook. I like the go-with-the-flow. I like feeling free and mobile. 

The girls will get up this morning and realize that it's cold.  And with great sorrow, they'll have to stay in because sniffles are on the rise, yet again. So, instead we'll clean, paint, watch some shows, make some pizzas, eat some strawberries, and whatever else we might choose. We'll vacuum away the remnants of last week's fun left around the house. We'll scrub away the dirt on the carpet from our yard work adventures. We'll dance our selves around the house and do what we can. Maybe we'll climb mountains of clothes, listen to stories, or swim the great seas of the tub before lunch time (and maybe after naps too)...but we'll try to have fun doing it all. 

cow and dog
Their hair has sprouted. I forgot to take another picture before, but I'm sure you'll understand. The dog's hair is thinner than desired, but I'm sure it'll catch up. 

They still look so sad. 


The chickens, well their growing like weeds. Their wings have filled in quite swiftly and they think that they are fully ready to take flight. We think otherwise. If we're not careful, they'll hop right out of our hands. 
Do you see their wings? Their coop is on it's way and will be our weekend project (hopefully). Everyday now, we say good morning and good night to our little chickadees. 
The girls love them so much and have learned how to peek at them through the garage themselves I might add. So big! Names are still undecided. 


Well I'm off. 
Off to conquer the day. 



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  1. Oh how I want chickens! It will just have to wait until we're done with this nomadic military life


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