Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Imaginations at Work

There are days when I want to nestle at the kitchen table with my Littles and dive into a load of artsy type crafts.  Sparkly Easter eggs, sun catchers, bunny rabbits, etc. I'll catch myself wishing that they were a bit older to be able to do these fun things. But then I stop and remember to enjoy them at the stage they're at. 

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So for now, I am enjoying their random play and total loss of interest for the things I hope to do with them. For soon, they will continually ask and ask to craft and paint and sew and cook and...and...and...and...and....and I'll wish they would just play because the idea of crafting or artsy-ing it up another second will push me overboard. 

So go play girls...whatever it is you're playing at the moment. I'll sit back and try to guess what that imagination is going to come up with next because I know it's going to be wild and crazy. 

I do promise that I brush/comb and style my girls' hair each and every day. However, there is a point during each day that they make every effort possible to rowdy it up a bit and it's usually when I'm wanting to capture the cute things they're doing. Just sayin'! 


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  2. Great minds think alike! I pinned the first two crafts you have there!

    I agree with not wishing away their play time. My girlies are constantly wishing to create something, which totally blesses my heart. But, oh, the mess. (Makes me proud, though.)

    Lovin' the hair. The same thing happens w/ Livy. I took her to the store yesterday and even though she had two adorable french braids in at one point during the day, it was like her hair exploded, but the hairbands stayed in. It looked awful and she looked like a picture of a poor, neglected homeless child. Thankfully, that's not the case.


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